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OneVoice Communications Patents Proprietary InterComm Booth® - ATM-Style Workstation Provides Easy-Access, Low-Cost Public Internet Services

Wireless Internet service provider, OneVoice Communications, is well on its way to converting Jamaica into the World's 1st completely wireless-based nation.

Kingston, Jamaica, January 05, 2006 --( – OneVoice Communications, a wireless Internet provider servicing Jamaican businesses, schools and end-users, is patenting its proprietary product, the InterComm Booth®, a free-standing computer booth offering versatile, affordable wireless Internet communications to the Jamaican public.

The InterComm Booth is a self-contained workstation that looks like a hybridization of an ATM, photo booth, telephone booth and arcade game. The booths will be sold and rented to Jamaican facilities in government, business, education, hospitality and tourism industries.

“The average Jamaican does not have access to the Internet, let alone the kind of wireless technology that the InterComm Booth offers,” said Todd Holcomb, OneVoice Communications CEO. “We are providing an Internet service that is more easily accessible to the entire Jamaican public and is much cheaper than current offerings from other ISPs.”

At present, a small proportion of the Jamaican population accesses the Internet via Cable. This is both costly and elusive due to the mountainous terrain in the center of the island that prevents cable from being laid.

OneVoice Communications will “light-up” Jamaica with wireless communications by integrating its proprietary technology into ARCOS (Americas Region Caribbean Ring System), a broadband fiber optic cable that is being laid by a submarine circling the Caribbean.

Not only will the entire island of Jamaica be able to access the Internet, but connection will not be compromised by extreme weather conditions.

“During Hurricane Wilma, many Jamaicans lost their Internet access,” said Todd Holcomb. “The InterComm Booth is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and is completely hurricane-proof.”

Pending the receipt of the patent, OneVoice Communications plans to begin manufacturing and distributing the InterComm Booth throughout Jamaica.

For more information, visit or contact Todd Holcomb at 612- 827-0029.

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OneVoice Communications provides cost effective, high availability, fast response wireless communications to businesses, schools and consumers in Jamaica. OneVoice Communications’ proprietary technology and equipment is designed and manufactured in Minnesota, USA.

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