Maximum Performance Launches the Next Generation of Life and Business Coaching for Those Who Want to Excel Beyond the Current Limits of Coaching

Hybrid life and business coaching combining strategies used in professional sports transforms coaching to a new level of effectiveness. Originally available to elite athletes and sports teams, everyone can now excel and achieve like a champion in life or business.

Huntington Beach, CA, September 15, 2007 --( Maximum Performance LLC today announced that the next generation of coaching is now available. Combining the essence of professional sports coaching and motivation with the principles of life and business coaching, Maximum Performance delivers the next evolution of coaching. This results driven coaching approach is used by many championships sports teams and top athletes and has now been tailored for use in life and business coaching.

It is important to remember that the field of life, executive, and business coaching evolved from sports. A coach in the sports field guides players to succeed and win. Life and business coaches copied the premise of coaching people and businesses to succeed in various areas of their lives and businesses. Some aspects of sports coaching were implemented in modern day coaching and a new, high growth profession was born. For many years now coaching has grown and become an accepted practice to reach goals and achieve success. However, the principles of coaching that has been taken from sports many years ago is still being used to coach clients even though sports coaching and motivation has since evolved.

Maximum Performance, with its roots in sports motivation and coaching, has taken current strategies used by champion athletes and teams and applied them with the principals of life and business coaching. The result is the next generation of coaching. It is a natural progression that sports coaching evolved over the years and now life and business coaching should follow. Unfortunately, there are very few coaching practitioners with actual experience in sports and coaching has not been able to keep up with the results achieved by sports teams until now. Combining new methods used to train top athletes to maximize their performance during critical moments in competition with principals of life and business coaching creates a powerful coaching program enabling clients from any profession to increase performance in their own life or business in a similar way that professional athletes prepare themselves for competition. This new hybrid coaching gives everyone the opportunity to get coaching that was only previously available to the select few.

Maximum Performance gives clients the latest, most effective coaching to help clients win the game of life and business. No single method of coaching can be used for everyone if coaching is to be effective. After a complete evaluation has been performed with the client, a unique tailored program is designed for the client. Capitalizing on the strengths of each client and improving weaknesses, each client gets a specialized program not only designed to reach a clients goal but to excel past their original goals. To be the best you have to use the best, the difference usually results in winning or losing.

For a limited time, Maximum Performance is offering a complimentary coaching evaluation for first time clients. To take advantage of this offer and the opportunity to discover the next generation of coaching, fill out a brief form located on the company’s website at

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Maximum Performance, headquartered in Huntington Beach, California, is the leading coaching and motivation firm combining the principals of life and business coaching with the essence of professional sports motivation. Developing new, innovative, and exciting coaching methods offers clients effective, results driven coaching. Maximum Performance makes champions for life, business, and sports. More information about Maximum Performance and its services can be found on the company’s World Wide Website, which is located at

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