FAIRBUSINESS Launches Independent Social Enterprise Certification

London, United Kingdom, October 11, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Smarter World, a UK based human development think-tank and social enterprise, has launched FAIRBUSINESS, a new brand to differentiate social enterprises, social businesses and companies of a high social or environmental value from for-profit commercial businesses.

FAIRBUSINESS becomes the second authority in the UK to offer independent certification of social enterprises to help companies with triple bottom line differentiate their brands, products or services from those of ordinary private sector companies.

During it's opening speech, founder of the Smarter World and FAIRBUSINESS, Milan Pastor, said:
“FAIRBUSINESS brings much needed competition to the UK's social enterprise certification, which will hopefully bring better services and prices for all. We are aiming to be an international body and we are currently negotiating agreements with partners in Asia and Africa to create a global brand. Apart from certifying social enterprises and social businesses, we have developed a brand for those companies that would not qualify as social enterprises in the UK, but which still have a significant social value, not just an ordinary social responsibility greenwash.”

“FAIRBUSINESS is a social enterprise itself and, on top of that, we have been adopting some of the industry's models in our very own marketing – such as 'buy one give one.' For every paying member we will give one free membership to a company from a less developed country to create an opportunity for socially and environmentally minded businesses in the third world.”


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Milan Pastor