Homequant.com Launches Vastly Enhanced Release-2

New York, NY, November 03, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Homequant.com is launching Release 2 – a vastly enhanced redesign of its free home valuation site.

Instead of offering model-driven frozen values, Homequant.com is designed to empower its users with an innovative way to value a residential property.

All one needs to know is the address and an approximate size and age of the subject property. Homequant.com then verifies the address against Google Earth and matches the most comparable recent sales, and produces a valuation report that resembles – in quality and scope – a professional comparable sales report, including a complete analysis of the value parameters.

Specifically, the Release 2 contains the following new features:

1. Define the distance radius (in miles) for the incoming comps;
2. Make dollar adjustments to land, building and age to equalize the variances in comps;
3. Allow time adjustment – positive or negative – to account for the growth in prices over time;
4. Simulate a different valuation date – forward or backward – so the subject could be properly valued as of that date;
5. Rank comps by three different methods – distance, sale date and least adjustment;
6. Visualize dollar adjustments to each comp, resulting from equalizing features as well as time;
7. Time adjustment and valuation date features are also added to the macro module, Sales Query;
8. Integrated Google Street View to allow easy viewing of the comps and their surroundings;
9. Flash Demo has been simplified to help new users promptly understand the Homequant concept, the functionalities and navigation of the web. Online ‘Help’ has been streamlined to address line item issues, while all input fields have been annotated.

As usual, everything is in plain English, presented in an easy-to-understand format, without the usual appraisal jargon. Best of all, it’s completely free and requires no registration or login whatsoever.

Homequant.com is not only an excellent market knowledge tool for current and future homeowners, but is also great for analysts, brokers, hearing officers and mortgage professionals needing sample values or quick validation of the existing values, without having to use a professional valuation system or a proprietary listing services. Professional appraisers and assessors will find these new features immensely valuable.

If you’d like more information about the website, or to schedule an interview with Homequant, please call 718-314-4081 or email contact@homequant.com
Sid Som