How to Succeed in Business - A Guide to Building a Company That Lasts by Dr. Ron Wood CSO of Axiom Consulting LLC

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, small businesses fail at an alarming rate. During year one, 85% of new businesses don’t make it. Year two 70%, year three 62%. "Building Businesses That Last - In the Value Zone" is a newly researched and developed business handbook designed to help entrepreneurs build a successful and sustainable business in the small to medium business market. It provides an outline for building businesses that are built to last.

Orlando, FL, November 19, 2013 --( It is a daunting task to navigate any business through the stormy waters of change, relentless development of new technologies, unstable political environments, and consumers that demand the highest quality of products and services. The key question here is this: how can I help my firm sustain consistent revenue growth and profitability year in and year out?

During the past ten years Dr. Ron Wood has engaged in research studying businesses worldwide to learn why some companies, despite relentless internal and external forces that assail them from all sides, are able to sustain positive business results and provide consistent value for their customers. In his research Dr. Wood has found that there are some companies that are able to achieve success despite many challenges.

His research describes how some companies were able to sustain business growth with profitability for twenty five years or more. Dr. Wood analyzed over 73,728 publicly owned companies, and discovered that only thirty-eight companies were able to sustain revenue growth and profitability for twenty-five years or longer. His handbook breaks down what they did to achieve consecutive and consistent growth in revenues and profits. The key theme of this book is how businesses are built to last and sustain consistent and positive business results.

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