Ray Piskin Expands CCP Solutions to New Headquarters in Farmingdale, Long Island

Tri-state leaders in document management services, have opened a new headquarters in Farmingdale, NY.

Farmingale, NY, November 22, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Ray Piskin of CCP Solutions, LLC and Continental Copy Products, LTD, tri-state leaders in document management services, have opened a new headquarters in Farmingdale, NY. Complete with expanded warehouse space, a state-of-the-art Technology Showcase, and more space for an expanding sales and administration team, the new location will bring CCP’s customers faster, more effective service, and a chance to see first-hand the latest in copy, print and scanning technology and equipment.

Based in Brooklyn since 1974, CCP is a family-owned business with 40 years of experience creating document management solutions for academic and public institutions, state agencies, non-profits, and businesses – including retail and BtoB – in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. The company’s focus is on helping their customers increase productivity, reduce costs, and move toward more environmentally sustainable products and practices. The new headquarters, conveniently located in the center of Long Island, is just the next step forward in their mission to offer copier, printing and scanning solutions for a new millennium.

“The company’s Brooklyn office will continue to house CCP’s dedicated New York City sales and service teams, as well as provide easily accessible parts and supplies for immediate availability to our customers served by that office,” said Ray Piskin, President of CCP Solutions and Continental Copy Products.

CCP’s new headquarters, located at 74 Marine Street in Farmingdale, NY, offers a number of significant advantages. Farmingdale is centrally located, with easy access for all of CCP’s customers in the tri-state area. In addition, the new location has a warehouse with three times the storage space CCP previously had.

“The new warehouse gives us the ability to store a greater quantity and diversity of supplies, which allows us to more quickly address our customers’ needs for toner and parts,” said Wayne Piskin, Vice President of CCP. “Our fundamental core value is making sure that our customers’ work environment is running at 100 percent optimal productivity. If they can’t run their copier, they can’t run their business properly. The faster we can get them back up and running, the faster they can get back to running their business the way they want to. Being able to store more parts on location gives our technicians the ability to respond immediately to repair issues, as opposed to waiting for parts on backorder.”

The new Farmingdale headquarters also boasts a state-of-the-art showroom, where CCP’s custumers can come to experience the newest document solution technologies and equipment, designed to meet the needs of the 21st century’s digital office.

This Technology Showcase will include the latest hardware and software from document solutions leaders like Kyocera, Square 9, Papercut, Drivve, Kodak, Fujitsu, and Scannx. It’s all part of the company’s core mission to create a greener planet while giving CCP’s customers the best possible solutions to improve staff productivity, streamline workflow, secure corporate information, and cut costs.

“Companies today are keenly aware of the need to have faster access to information in order to improve the way they are able to serve their customers or patrons,” said Wayne Piskin. That’s leading more and more offices to move away from paper toward digital document solutions – and not just for environmental reasons. The digital workplace gives everyone faster access to documents and, with fewer people touching – or losing – documents, productivity levels increase. In addition, less paper and toner, coupled with improved productivity saves money. “Any time you can cut costs by improving productivity, and improve service, it’s a win-win across the board,” said Ray Piskin.

As CCP grows and expands its reach geographically, the new headquarters also offers increased administration and sales office space. “It’s a great space for our team, and we can effectively serve our customers in all three states on a much better level now,” said Ray Piskin. “It will improve the internal experience for all of our customers when they call us.”
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