ONDiGO CRM Introduces Powerful Mobile CRM App for Businesses and Professionals on the Go

New York, NY, November 24, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Newly launched app ONDiGO CRM, (http://ondigo.me/), introduces a powerful new Mobile CRM specifically designed for small businesses and on the go professionals. With an easy to use interface the app automates a slew of actions of on the go professionals eliminating the need to log in to a CRM online and enter all of the data. For small business owners and on the Go professionals ONDiGO CRM Mobile App saves time and enables you to focus on larger items such as growing your business instead of data entry. The ONDiGO Mobile CRM is available now in the Google Play Store free of charge and will soon be available for iOS.

ONDiGO Mobile CRM allows business owners to segment their contacts by color with labels such as, new, personal, in progress, customer, and business. In addition, the mobile app enables users to view their call history, send SMS messages, set tasks, schedule meetings, and attach documents for each contact. This cutting-edge mobile CRM also allows business owners to prioritize interactions, search by keyword to quickly find information, and will save all contacts and comments automatically on the cloud. The ONDiGO Mobile CRM is the new revolutionary way to maintain relationships and allows users to operate efficiently and effectively, making their day to day workload easier.

“Most CRMs on the market are designed for corporate professionals and usually take time to insert information, they require set up of multiple fields, and day to day management to log in and truly keep up with all of your leads and contacts,” states Co-Founder and CMO of ONDiGO, Ohad Oren. “Standard CRM’s stagnate the growth of on the go professionals as you don’t truly have the time to do that and it could be costly to hire someone to do it for you. We created the ONDiGO Mobile App because we understand the needs of small business owners, and wanted to provide them with an easy to use tool that will adapt to the way they work. Customer management and prospecting are the two extremely important aspects for any business owner, and the ONDiGO Mobile App allows them to network on the go. We automated as much as we possibly could to date and are receiving a tremendous response.”

ONDiGO Mobile CRM is revolutionizing the way small businesses manage their customers on- the- go and is quickly becoming a strong runner up against other CRM’s like Base CRM, Zoho CRM, and Salesforce.com. Unlike other CRM’s on the market, which require much time to learn and input information, ONDiGO’s Mobile CRM adapts to each individual and the way they work. The ONDiGO Mobile CRM’s noteworthy differentiation point is that the system includes triggered CRM automation for mobile so that instead of having to learn to work within your CRM, the CRM learns to work with you. It is an easy to use and effective way for business owners to maintain constant communication with their contacts which help drive their business forward and bring in revenue. The ONDiGO Mobile CRM app automatically stores all information allowing users to find up to the smallest of details. It also offers a daily report in real time that shows meetings, calls, notes, and gives an insight to how you interact with your personal and business contacts. The mobile app automatically ties in to phone contacts and google calendar.

For more information on the ONDiGO Mobile CRM App please contact mmosquera@beautifulplanning.com or call 877-841-7244. To learn more about the ONDiGO Mobile CRM App visit their website at http://ondigo.me/.

About ONDiGO Mobile CRM
Launched in 2013, by, Ohad Oren, Yoni Dariel and Nir Keren , ONDiGO CRM (http://ondigo.me/) is the first mobile CRM specialized for professionals on the go. It has reinvented the way small business owners and business professionals communicate and manage their contact databases. The ONDiGO Mobile CRM allows business owners to organize their personal and business contacts on-the-go and maintain an accurate and informative log of progress, meetings, and relationship with contacts.

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