LiceDoctors Opens Its In-Home Lice Treatment and Nit Removal Service in Indianapolis, Indiana

National head lice treatment service, LiceDocotors, is now available to families in the Indianapolis, Indiana region. LiceDoctors treats families across the United States and uses a copyrighted treatment plan that was developed by its physician director 18 years ago.

Indianapolis, IN, November 27, 2013 --( LiceDoctors, one of the nation's most established head lice treatment and nit removal service, is now available to families in the Indianapolis area including Carmel, Greenwood, and Noblesville and others. LiceDoctors currently services families in over 60 cities across the U.S.

LiceDoctors knows how difficult a lice outbreak can be in a family, particularly around the holiday period. According to LiceDoctors owner, Karen Sokoloff, "Families are particularly stressed now with the holidays. The last thing they want to deal with is head lice.We have the experience and tools to eradicate any case of head lice. We are proud to have a successful protocol, developed by our board-certified physician medical director 18 years ago. It works every time. Our technicians all go through intensive training. Often at the end of a visit, parents hug us; they are so relieved! I'm proud of our track record of successfully treating over 25,000 families." Sokoloff went on to explain that parents love the convenience of in-home treatment while kids like being in a familiar setting where they are more comfortable during what may have been an upsetting time.

LiceDoctors Lice Treatment Method

LiceDoctors emphasizes that nit-picking is labor intensive and that many parents do not have the time or resources to remove all the nits. "Nits have an impenetrable shell that makes them impossible to 'kill.' The only way to remove nits is to hand pick them. LiceDoctors applies oil to loosen the nits and then the technician uses a professional comb to pull them out. After that we wash and dry the hair and do a very thorough strand by strand check and pick out any remaining eggs. Because we are experts and this is what we do all day, we are able to identify nits that camouflage and are difficult for the untrained eye to find."

For quick and confidential service (LiceDoctors comes in an unmarked car) call LiceDoctors in Indianapolis at 317-759-2699r on the web at LiceDoctors offers a full guarantee.
Wendy Beck