LiceDoctors Advises Families in Columbus, Ohio to Beware of Head Lice Over the Holiday Season

LiceDoctors Head Lice Treatment and Nit Removal Service is seeing a lot of cases of head lice in the Columbus, Ohio area and usually the number of cases grows after Thanksgiving. Owner, Karen Sokoloff, reports that close family contact fosters the spread of head lice as lice move from head to head. She cautions families to be on the look-out and offers lice prevention tips.

Columbus, OH, November 29, 2013 --( LiceDoctors Head Lice Treatment and Nit Removal Service reports that it is seeing a spike in the incidence of head lice in Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas. Usually the period before Thanksgiving is slow but this year the company has treated several cases of head lice and is expecting the number to increase after the holiday; close contact among family members allows lice the opportunity to move from one child to another.

Parents in the Columbus area are understandably considered about their children contracting a case of lice. Carol, a mom from Columbus explains, "We dealt with head lice last January and now it's going around again. I spent hours try to comb out the nits. I know that lice spread fast and I worry that we will have another lice problem in my family." While districts around Columbus maintain "no nit" policies, Columbus schools allow students into school with nits as long as the student is being treated at home. This policy is in accordance with the recommendations of the Academy of Pediatrics that students with nits should be allowed to remain in school.

In Olentangy, a district about an hour from Columbus, there was a lice outbreak earlier in November. District spokesperson, Devon Immelt, stated that contrary to rumors that one school had 150 cases, in fact, 18 cases had been reported in the district.

Reasons for Increase in Head Lice Incidence

Karen Sokoloff, owner of LiceDoctors, explains that part of the problem is that there is a growing resistance among lice to the chemical treatments. "Often parents think that their children are lice and nit-free after treatment with pesticides, but if nits are left in the hair and there is no effective follow-up plan then the case will start up again. Also, the lice run away from light and the nits camouflage in the hair so unless you are trained in lice detection and removal, it is very difficult to find all of the nits. In addition, some people with lice have no symptoms so they are not even aware that they are walking around in a contagious state."

The most effective way to identify nits is to bring the child to a bright spot, either by a window, outside, or where there is a bright lamp. The light reflects against the translucent shell which makes it easier to find them. The most important thing to remember if your child has lice is that to eliminate a case, every nit must be removed. Once all of the nits are gone, then the child is completely lice-free.

Tips for Lice Prevention

While there is no way to guarantee that you can prevent head lice, there are some ways to discourage the transmission of head lice according to Sokoloff. "We recommend for lice prevention that girls wear their up in a bun or braid. This makes it more difficult for bugs to get into the hair. In addition, using a gel, mousse, or spray makes it harder for lice to affix to the hair shaft. Since the holidays means families being in close contact, we do recommend that parents check their children on regular basis so that if the kids do pick up a case, parents can detect it early."

Benefits of A Professional Service

In addition to putting yourself in the hands of trained professional who know how to put an end to the lice infestation, lice professionals can offer you the emotional support that parents and children often need during a lice infestation. Sokoloff says that, "LiceDoctor technicians understand how stressful a lice case can be in a family. They have been rigorously trained to help allay fears which is a great support to stressed-out parents and children."

LiceDoctors has the heritage and stability associated with a nationwide company with a board-certified internist on staff, LiceDoctors offers the personal touch of a local service.The company operates with a board-certified medical director on staff who develped and copy-righted the protocol 18 years ago. They have a 99.9% success rate with the treatment.

LiceDoctors services several Columbus area towns including Delaware, Dublin, Eastmoor, Grove City, Lincoln Village, Linden, Reynoldsburg, Westerville, and more. For further information on LiceDoctors in the Columbus, Ohio area call 216-273-6802 or go to LiceDoctors offers same day service and a full guarantee and carries the Better Business Bureau seal of approval.
Wendy Beck