Accutrac Changing the Image of Invoice Factoring

Educating business owners is a key strategy for Accutrac to counteract the misconception that only companies experiencing financial woes turn to factoring.

Fresno, CA, November 30, 2013 --( If you thought that invoice factoring was a last-ditch solution for companies that have nowhere else to turn for financing, it’s time for a serious rethink. Accutrac Capital is leading the way in changing the image that the business world has about the businesses that utilize factoring and the alternative financing companies that provide it.

“The alternative financing industry has come a long way from the sometimes negative stigma it’s held over the years. We’re happy to be leaders in changing that image by making sure that factoring and our other alternative financing products are seen for their true value: an excellent business solution for accessing cash flow, without creating debt,” says Charles Sheppard, co-founder of Accutrac Capital. “We’ve worked hard to create the professional image of a first-class lending institution. It’s one I’m proud to be part of and I think our clients appreciate the difference.”

And Accutrac’s clients couldn’t agree more.

“Accutrac isn’t like other factoring companies. They’re extremely professional, treat us with respect, and know how to deal with our industry and our customer base,” says Louise Vonk of Messenger Freight. “I love that Accutrac went to see my biggest clients with me to explain our new process. They removed the stigma often placed on dealing with a factoring company with their professional and flexible approach that won my clients over.”

Kathryne Hartleib of Mainstream Logistics concurs. “We have worked with a factoring company out of Toronto in the past and hated the experience. What a difference working with Accutrac has been. They’re very approachable and extremely knowledgeable about the trucking industry. And they really care about helping us to be successful.”

Educating business owners is a key strategy for Accutrac to counteract the misconception that only companies experiencing financial woes turn to factoring. In fact, factoring is popular for successful high growth companies and companies going through transitions.

“Sometimes, the best of times for your business can be the worst of times for cash flow,” explains Sheppard. “Times of high growth in your business can put a tremendous strain on available cash. Most businesses need to turn to financing for the cash they need to keep up with new orders, restock inventory and expand their infrastructure and systems to meet the demand. And they need to do it quickly. Unfortunately, these are also times when traditional lenders get nervous about extending financing. The traditional banking system’s stringent requirements and red tape get in the way of a business’s ability to get the on-demand financing needed to grow. That’s when factoring is an ideal solution to create cash flow.”

What is invoice factoring? Also known as accounts receivable factoring, invoice factoring happens when a business sells its accounts receivable invoices at a discount in exchange for immediate cash. Instead of waiting 30, 60 or 90 days to be paid for an invoice, the business receives the majority of the invoice amount within 24 hours. The factoring company then waits to be paid and takes care of the back-office accounts receivable work, like following up on receivables and collection calls, as part of the process.

About Accutrac: Accutrac Capital is one of North America’s leading alternative financing companies. The US division of Accutrac is headquartered out of Fresno, California. Accutrac’s Canadian division is headquartered in Orillia, Ontario. Accutrac’s newest addition, Accutrac Capital ITC Inc. is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario. Accutrac offers factoring, alternative financing and related products to companies across various industries. Our purchase order financing and accounts receivable management solutions help businesses throughout the US and Canada keep their cash flow healthy.

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