Talexus.com Launches Its Dial Up and Email Plus Worldwide Internet Service

Talexus.com's dial up internet service is available as a local service to well over 100,000 communities through over 35,000 locations.

Miami, FL, September 26, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Their PurSpeed XL web accelerator increases surfing speeds by up to 1,500% over standard dial-up speeds. Talexus.com is very pleased to present PurSpeed XL - a web accelerator that will increase browsing to near DSL speeds. PurSpeed XL is available only through Talexus internet services and they are excited that PurSpeed has selected, trained and certified Talexus to distribute and support their web accelerator. As a result Talexus.com is able to offer the low cost and portability of high quality dial-up Internet access and the high speed of DSL.

Each Internet dial up account comes with 5-email accounts and at Talexus they are very proud to include Mailvice free with every email account. It is the most expensive, but free to subscribers. It gives subscribers the very highest security to protect them from spam, phishing attempts, scams, fraud, spoofing, phony solicitations and counterfeit goods. This single feature by itself makes Talexus Email Plus the best value. Then there is the issue of spyware, trojans, worms, phishing and all of the other problems brought to you via email. And what about spam? Like most people, it simply drives them nuts. All of these problems are solved with Talexus Email Plus.

Also, every email account comes with event scheduler with email reminder, task manager with email reminder and server-based virus scanning. All Talexus subscribers have access to their Software Directory, where subscribers can download free anti-virus and anti-spyware software for their computer, free instant messaging software, free parental controls, and free email enhancement software.

According to Larry Burdgick President, Talexus.com dial up and worldwide email plus is an upgrade and the safest in the marketplace today.

For more information go to www.talexus.com or call our 24/7 customer support number 1-800-719-7183.

Larry Burdgick