Social Experiment Brings Hope Back to America

Beltsville, MD, January 12, 2014 --( The Good Knight Child Empowerment Network, a 501 c3 non-profit, has launched a unique social experiment by reviving an ancient good luck tradition where individuals will tie a hemp string with a silver four leaf clover attached to their wrist or ankle and make a reasonable wish. Theory has it that by the time the string breaks the wish will come true. One chief component of this experiment is the “pay it forward” principal. Each recipient of a bracelet is asked to pay the good will forward by giving out 10 more bracelets and instruction cards to others in their lives. The other important principal behind this experiment is the power circle. The bracelets are made in batches of 144 so that each group of 144 creates a “Lucky Circle” all wishing good will for one another. There are millions in America asking each day for a break and it could very well come in the form of a silver four-leaf clover. Bracelets can be acquired by calling 301-595-8989 or visit

The visionary behind the experiment is Edward Jagen the Founder of the Network who was first introduced to the wishing bracelet by his Irish great grandmother who in response to Edward’s wishing for something when he was 8 years old told him to go out and seek a four leaf clover in a horse pasture. When he found it she tied it to a string, which she placed around his ankle. When the string broke three weeks later his wish came true. Over the years he has used this unique formula to help at-risk children who attend summer camp programs at the Good Knight Castle and Museum in Beltsville, MD. Those kids have gone on to share the experiment with their parents and friends. Sophia West, project coordinator says “you feel a positive change as soon as you tie the bracelet on and some have reported a string of good luck happening right away.” Jagen claims a 95% success rate and now wants to pass on the tradition to the nation who are seeking an alternative method in achieving their hearts desire.

“The secret…” Jagen says, “…is mind over matter. It’s just a placebo in the form of a trinket on a string, but its tied to something more powerful than you can imagine. The human mind is all powerful and when you group 144 people together wishing good will to one another miracles often occur.”

His goal is to create 144 circles each containing 144 people and he looks forward to documenting the success of each circle. The campaign was formally launched on the syndicated talk radio show of Jim Bohannon on 1-8-14. The first caller to respond was Mark Gibson of Keystone Heights Florida, a truck driver, who acquired 50 bracelets that he plans to distribute to the needy. Mark also issued a challenge to all other truck drivers to do the same.

Mr. Jagen and/or Sophia West are available for interviews. Call 301-595-8989
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