Off The Grid Living, Inc. President Author Robin Speronis Publishes Book on Her Urban Off Grid Adventure

Cape Coral, FL, February 01, 2014 --( Off The Grid Living, Inc. President Robin Speronis publishes third book, “Off The Grid Living In Southwest Florida – One Woman’s Story Volume II: The Urban Adventure.” Published through Off The Grid Living, Inc. by On-Demand Publishing, LLC and Kindle Direct Publishing, the author hopes to contribute to the self-reliant movement that is sweeping the country. Details on purchasing Speronis’ book can be found on

By every measure, the popularity of off the grid living is rising in the U.S.A. as the declining economy drives people toward solutions. The urban off grid living movement is now being led by trailblazers who are smart, resourceful, and determined. They are living with intention and engagement as they are challenged by the people profiting from the status quo. They are living what they believe.

Robin Speronis is one of these trailblazers. "Off The Grid Living In Southwest Florida - One Woman's Story Volume II: The Urban Adventure," chronicles Speronis' yearlong urban off grid adventure in the heart of the city of Cape Coral, Florida. With her pro bono lawyer by her side, she drives past the "nice and safe" zone and challenges the powers that be of Cape Coral, Florida in the media, the court of public opinion and in the courtroom.

Others have done this, but Robin Speronis' challenge is dramatic and inventive. The profound significance of this story comes to life in this book.

Robin Speronis is a devout Christian, a beautiful child of God and there is another constant in her life - passion. She has been in Restaurant Management, a Massage Therapist, an Esthetician, and a Real Estate Broker. Her advanced studies in the Natural Sciences allowed her to completely free her husband from the healthcare system and home death him naturally. Robin considers her first book, My Love Was Greater Than My Fear: Freeing My Husband Completely From The Healthcare System And Home Deathing Him Naturally, as detailing the basis of the foundation of her “off-grid” journey.

Today she owns the company; Off The Grid Living, Inc. Speronis is on a quest to live without dependence on the system by integrating and using her education, her experiences, and the human and natural resources available to her.

Robin writes a blog entitled Off The Grid Living In Southwest Florida - One Woman's Story: aka Adventures of a Nature Girl in her Quest for Freedom; She also hosts an internet radio show on Blog Talk Radio called Talk Off The Grid Living,
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Robin Speronis