Stone Restoration Specialist Announces a Record Breaking Year for Commercial Stone Cleaning

To lead in the field of commercial stone cleaning is not only challenging but it is ever-evolving. To be the best takes appreciation of market requirements and an intrinsic understanding of the benefits your business is able to offer; Natural Stone Cleaning Leeds have been able to capitalize on this.

Wakefield, United Kingdom, February 07, 2014 --( Mark Dykes, owner of Natural Stone Cleaning Leeds is extremely pleased to announce 2013 as a record breaking year for commercial stone cleaning enquiries. This statement has been formally determined from a combination of incoming enquiries and accepted quotations throughout the course of the year.

This company aims to set pioneering standards in stone cleaning, polishing and restoration services, offered throughout Leeds and all surrounding areas. These standards have been achieved through the constant drive to provide unrivalled restoration results with tailored and personalised customer services, leaving every client feeling that their expectations had been exceeded.

Natural Stone Cleaning Leeds falls under the larger umbrella of Marks Away, Leeds most reputable floor care and floor cleaning experts. This company have set themselves above their local competition by specialising in commercial stone care and the use of state-of-the-art machinery and trade recognised eco-friendly products and treatments. Providing unmatched services for commercial clients with fast and efficient processes allows them the benefit of monopolising the local market.

Mark Dykes, founder of Natural Stone Cleaning Leeds is well respected in the floor restoration field and has time-served experience that means that he is best-equipped to deal with the cleaning of commercial stone floors. He has such a highly-regarded reputation that the company’s services are in demand spanning throughout the United Kingdom.

Natural Stone Cleaning Leeds have an in-depth and inherent appreciation of how the needs of commercial clients differ from those of their domestic market. They work in line with the individual requirements of each client to minimise disruption to their business and to achieve the best results in the fastest possible times.

Mark Dykes, owner of Natural Stone Cleaning Leeds commented; “It is important that in any business that you look to improve your services year on year and this stems from the ability to reflect and forecast. We have managed to set record standards for commercial stone cleaning in an increasingly difficult economic climate for businesses where costs are constantly being cut. We realise that we have to remain at the top of our game and are always looking to improve and offer assurance to clients. We are excited about the coming challenges of 2014.”

Reflection of the past year has driven this innovative company forcefully into 2014 with determination to build on their success. It is so rare to find a company that is so passionate about providing first-class services and offering exceptional customer service; this will inevitably allow them continued success and will leave their competition aspiring to follow their lead.

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