Rezendes Pre Need Services Addresses Public Reluctance to Funeral Planning with a Complimentary Personal Planning Book

Rezendes Pre Need Services, a leader in funeral planning in Ventura and Los Angeles counties, is pleased to announce it’s Complimentary Personal Planning Book.

Simi Valley, CA, March 04, 2014 --( Rezendes Pre Need Services has been providing funeral preplanning and funding arrangements to California residents in Ventura and Los Angeles counties. The importance of alleviating the stress on family members from having to make considerable decisions while under emotional duress sparked the idea of a Complimentary Personal Planning Book.

The founder of Rezendes Pre Need Services ( Joe Rezendes stated, “I personally experienced having to make arrangements for the death of a loved one who had no plans in place. It was a horrible experience. It was that situation that moved me to this profession. I want to keep others from going through such an ordeal. That has been my passion. Whether families and individuals fund their funeral through me or not, doesn’t matter to me. The most important thing is getting their final wishes recorded so, those who are charged with taking care of the arrangements aren’t burdened with those decisions which, is why the book is complimentary.”

Rezendes went on to say, “Also, after meeting with numerous families to plan their final wishes, it became clear to me that there are important details that some people never consider. Things like, location of important documents and professional advisors that need to be notified along with some other small but, important details.”

Rezendes continues, “There are companies out there that provide complimentary memorial guides which, we do as well however, memorial guides do not cover all the fine details and important aspects that some people don’t necessarily think about when planning. Now, there is a Personal Planning Book that contains those details, so, people can record that information.”

“Only about five percent preplan their end of life rituals. The rest leave it to their loved ones to figure out while grieving their loss.” -Judith Johnson

“Every year two million Americans are tasked with planning a funeral for a family member or friend. They face this challenge during a time of grief and stress. Preplanning allows consumers to protect their loved ones, while simultaneously creating a funeral that meets their distinctive need.” -

“Talking about your funeral today, does not mean that you are going to die tomorrow,” Joe Rezendes said. “I know it’s a difficult subject matter for most to think about because people are uncomfortable with death but, it is inevitable. We plan for everything else in life so, it only makes sense that we should plan our final wishes to keep our loved ones from being burdened with that task. The Personal planning Book was designed specifically for that purpose.”

Rezendes Pre Need Services ( provides funeral planning to create a personalized celebration of life and funeral insurance with multiple payment options.

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