Victory100 Promotes Unique Global Culture

Company Uses Its Social Media Platform to Unite Members from Around the World.

Melissa, TX, March 01, 2014 --( Social media training and marketing company Victory100 is extremely proud of its unique culture.

The company now has active members in countries all over the world including the US and Canada; many Caribbean countries; all of Europe including the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain; Australia; Mexico and Brazil; and numerous countries throughout Asia and Africa. The company hit country number 30 a few weeks ago with the addition of a new leader team in Dubai, UAE.

“We are in the people business,” said Keith Harding, Chairman of Victory100. “We have to understand and know people. If our only measurement of success is profit, then we are missing the mark. People come before profit and you [the members] are the most important asset we have. We are about helping people change their lives.”

Victory100 training rooms are set up in countries all over the world and enable people who may not even know how to use a computer to come in, learn and use the Victory100 social products and even build a social media business with Victory100.

Mr. Harding continued, “We are bringing hope to people in some remote countries throughout Africa where we can teach about computers, the Internet and social media. They are building businesses with us. For some who gave up hope of ever owning a car, they are buying cars; people who have given up hope on ever owning a home or something as simple as buying new clothes for their children are now buying their own homes and can go to a store and buy new clothes for their children for the very first time. That is why we started this business.”

Victory100’s online social platform crosses borders and enables anyone, anywhere to participate.

About Victory100
Victory100, founded and led by Chairman, Keith Harding and CEO, Kevin Harding, is a new type of networking company that combines the power of multi-tiered affiliate marketing with social media training and management. While Victory 100 does offer a lucrative business opportunity, Members do not get paid to sponsor or recruit new Members. Members are only paid commissions on product sales. Victory 100 is not an “investment,” nor is there any opportunity, implied or otherwise to invest in Victory 100. All Victory 100 Members have an equal opportunity to earn income through the 100% commission program. No “position” holds greater value than any other position. Through our Seven Core Values, Victory100 remains committed to continuously growing and enhancing our systems to provide an empowering end-user experience.

Who Uses Victory100
Victory100 caters to several groups of users: Individuals who participate in social media (from novices to experts); Small to Medium -sized Businesses who want to leverage social media to grow their business; Network Marketers/Direct Sellers who want to use social media more efficiently as well as the enhanced business development tools; and People who love to network and love being online and would like to potentially earn full-time, executive level income owning a social media business.
Victory 100
Mike Magolnick