DanCo Decor Company Has Decorated Bottles for Green Day Discovery

Kharkiv, Ukraine, March 06, 2014 --(PR.com)-- DanCo Decor Company has decorated bottles of premium vodka (Green Day Discovery) for Alef-Vinal Company. The glass surface was treated with a chemical frosting technology; only in the lower part of the bottle a semitransparent window in the form of a leaf was left. Key design elements were put by direct screen printing. Shine and brilliance of inscriptions are emphasized by contour printed with platinum containing inks. In the color palette the green color dominates symbolizing ecological status of the drink.

Sergey Danilov, director of DanCo Decor Company: "Because of the status of 'environmentally friendly vodka' the design is focused on two basic colors - blue and green. Particular attention is paid to color accuracy at which the customer receives exactly the color and hue, which, in his opinion, reflects the brand idea in the best way. Thanks to the joint efforts of our colorists and technologists, we could pick up the necessary paints, and with the help of our high-tech equipment we put them with high accuracy."
DanCo Decor Company
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