Passionate Parenting Class at Agape International Spiritual Center with Susan Stiffelman, October 7th

Culver City, CA, October 04, 2007 --( Renowned parent educator Susan Stiffelman is offering a 3-hour Passionate Parenting workshop this Sunday, October 7th at the Agape International Spiritual Center, founded by Reverend Michael Beckwith. This workshop follows Susan's tremendously successful August workshop at Agape which brought nearly a hundred parents together to learn more about raising children and teens who are joyful, resilient and authentically themselves.

As much as we hope our children will enjoy the challenges and joys of their formal education, sometimes the classroom is the last place on earth they want to be. As parents, it’s our responsibility to do everything possible to ensure that our children’s love for learning remains intact through their years of schooling so they can carry their desire to keep learning with them into their adult lives. For those of us with children who are naturally comfortable in the classroom, our role may simply be to support them as they fall into step with the teacher’s agenda and assignments, and help them infuse their work with creativity, encouraging them to perform to their true potential rather than just do enough to get by.

In this workshop, Susan will help parents discover strategies to help all types of children rediscover their passion for learning, and recapture the light and joyfulness they were born with.

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Susan Stiffelman