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Bella’s Cookies Promoting Green Halloween Fun

Bella’s Cookies is showing parents and others how to think differently this Halloween, by advocating a “greener” twist to the celebration. Sharing in a Washington based companies Halloween guidelines, Bella’s will pilot a Green Halloween concept this October in Delaware.

Milton, DE, October 05, 2007 --( Bella’s Cookies is helping promote on the East Coast, the message from an organization on the West Coast. Sammamish, WA based Green Halloween (, promotes Halloween in the traditional and non-traditional style, with the non-traditional coming in the form of “green” twists to the celebration. Bella’s fits into the organizations “what to look for in treats” category, and a special line of Halloween cookies will be released by Bella’s void of the ingredients commonly found in Halloween candy and other Halloween themed baked goods.

They’re in just about everything found on grocery store shelves & the many treats given out on Halloween: high fructose corn syrup, artificial coloring and flavoring, and preservatives. For consumers and concerned parents looking for alternatives at a time where candy and treats are given out by the bucket full, they’ll find answers and ideas through companies like Bella’s Cookies and Green Halloween. “We want to raise the awareness of the health dangers of these ingredients and give people options to choose from,” said Kelly Leishear (President of Bella’s Cookies). Bella’s is posting a special section on their website which includes information on ingredients, a downloadable “what to look for in foods” guide, a special line of Halloween cookies, green ideas for Halloween from, and a listing of events that Bella’s Cookies will be in attendance this October where consumers can interact and learn more.

For their Halloween creations, Bella’s is releasing naturally colored candy corn shortbread cookies, colored using beta-carotene & annatto, and cut into pieces that have it resemble its guiltier corn syrup counterpart. Organic peanut butter & chocolate ghost cookies, a chocolate-orange version of it’s “Choco-Bomb” cookie, organic sugar cookie cutouts, spiced apple cookies and an old fashioned English toffee from Bella Leishear’s (the name and face of Bella’s Cookies) brother Liam’s forthcoming all natural & organic candy company. Cookies and Confections range between $3 - $4 and can be found online at the Bella’s website, and exclusively at the Good 4 U Natural Market on Rt. 9 outside Lewes, DE.

Along with Bella’s lineup of non-traditional treats, Green Halloween lists several ways to get creative with trick-or-treaters. “Kids love little trinkets like spinning tops, stickers and collectible cards. Most children love gifts from nature like polished rocks, crystals and seashells. Think keepsakes, tokens and stocking-stuffer type gifts but don’t forget to think healthy & green (from” As with traditional Halloween treats, with non-traditional gifts, note which ones are not suitable for children under the age of 3. Green Halloween also gives new ideas for treat bags, the building of treasure chests, games and the promotion of health and family involvement.

“As a family, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays,” said Kelly Leishear “but sometimes we get into a routine and it’s tough to find creative ways to change… this is true of everyone; we want to provide people and families with the information and ways to help cut down on the stuff that normally fills children’s trick or treat bags.”

Bella’s Cookies is an organic and vegan bakery specializing in all natural & organic, vegan, and gluten free cookies. More information, including ordering, can be found online at or by calling 302-684-8152. More information on Green Halloween can be found online at

Bella's Cookies
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