Touchpoint Metrics to Speak on Transforming the Customer Experience for Banking at Western Independent Bankers’ 2014 Annual Conference

San Francisco, CA, March 22, 2014 --( Michael Hinshaw, President & CEO of customer experience solutions company Touchpoint Metrics (OTCQB:TPOI), was invited to present a special session at Western Independent Bankers’ Annual Conference for Bank Presidents, Senior Officers & Directors.

Speaking to banking executives and senior officers interested in better understanding the customer experience implications of today’s smarter, more empowered customers, his speech, “Why Your Bank is Competing With Amazon and Apple… and What to Do About It,” will be presented on March 25th in Tucson, Arizona.

According to Mr. Hinshaw, “Across the board, we’ve seen that banking customers aren’t just comparing the experience of dealing with their bank to the best in the banking industry – which they are, of course – but they’re comparing their bank against the best experiences they’ve had across all industries. Put another way, when it comes to customer expectations of the banking experience, banks are also competing against Apple, Amazon and Disney.”

Mr. Hinshaw’s talk will discuss the ‘era of smart customers’ and how banks who embrace the trends emerging in this era will not only survive, but thrive. Among other learnings, attendees will:

+ Gain insight into key trends affecting the competitive banking landscape.
+ Discover how expectations of customer experience have changed – and how this affects customer satisfaction, loyalty, and profit for any bank.
+ Hear about – and learn to identify and avoid – things banks often do to themselves that put them at a competitive disadvantage.
+ Come away with 7 action items to help any bank better compete in the age of 'smart customers'.

Mr. Hinshaw concluded, “Customers today have different frames of reference, and changing expectations of how they want their banking services delivered. I hope my session will offer new perspectives and open new options for community banks to compete and address this new reality.”

Western Independent Bankers’ Annual Conference runs from March 22nd 2014 through the 26th at the JW Marriott Tucson Starr Pass conference center in Tucson, Arizona and offers an opportunity for senior banking leaders to attend lectures, demos, and discussions presented by leading experts on developing actionable innovation and growth enterprise strategies for banks.

More information on the conference is available online at:

Copies of Mr. Hinshaw’s presentation will be distributed to conference attendees. Executives who don’t attend the conference but wish to receive a copy, may do so following the conference by visiting:

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