INDEVCO Group at INDEX14: Quality Raw Materials for Quality Hygiene Disposables

Ajaltoun, Lebanon, March 28, 2014 --( INDEVCO Group companies will exhibit raw materials for hygiene disposable converting at Booth # 4035 during INDEX14. The leading nonwovens exhibition will take place from 8 - 11 April 2014 at Palexpo in Geneva, Switzerland.

Member company, United Plastic Products Company (UPPC) of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, will display and discuss micro-embossed and textile PE backsheet film, while Sanita Persona of Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon, will cover diaper closure tapes. UPPC and Sanita Persona serve the hygiene converting industry in Europe, Middle East, and Africa regions.

Total Quality Management at United Plastic Products Company

UPPC runs a customer-centered quality management system focused on continuous improvement, product quality, risk management, and waste reduction. By implementing ISO 9001:2008 certification, the plastic film producer integrates business objectives into processes and measures performance to ensure uninterrupted process development, effective product/service delivery, and customer satisfaction.

Micro-Embossed PE Backsheet Film

UPPC manufactures printed (up to 8 colors), non-printed, and colored micro-embossed PE backsheet film. UPPC offers hygiene disposable converters micro-embossed PE backsheet film as thin as 13 gsm for adult incontinence diapers, baby diapers, feminine sanitary napkins, and medical underpads.

The non-breathable, hole-free multi-layer cast or blown PE film restricts liquid and air flow. Due to low thickness, micro-embossed PE backsheet film offers cost saving and sustainability. UPPC manufactures in a hygiene-controlled environment.

Textile PE Backsheet Film

UPPC produces textile PE backsheet film with a thickness of 24 gsm and printing in up to 8 colors for converting adult incontinence diapers, baby diapers, and medical underpads. A strong lamination process ensures integrity and quality of the textile PE backsheet film, while the non-breathable feature provides leakage proof properties. Textile backsheet film also offers a soft cotton-like feel due to non-woven lamination.

Fundamental Steps to Ensure Quality at Sanita Persona

Sanita Persona, the first and only producer of diaper tapes in the Middle East, follows 3 fundamental steps to ensure quality products and customer satisfaction:

Performs Quality Control: Sanita Persona’s Quality Control Department audits manufacturing processes, conducts internal tests, and cooperates with international laboratories to ensure quality standardization.

Understands Market Needs: Sanita Persona spends time with consumers and hygiene disposable converters market to conduct thorough market analysis and to initiate ideas for product development.

Ensures Continuous Product Development: Sanita Persona’s experienced R&D Department focuses on on-going product development and differentiating products through strong technical know-how.

Sanita Persona manufactures and supplies baby diaper and adult incontinence diaper producers with:

Adhesive Diaper Tapes

Sanita Persona’s adhesive diaper tape consists of two pre-combined pressure-sensitive adhesive layers offering a suitable combination with PE and BOPP frontal films. This soft-touch tape bonds strongly on diaper chassis and features a colored fingerlift to highlight the opening area. Sanita Persona supplies adhesive tape as single rolls.

Mechanical Hook & Mini-Hook Diaper Tapes

Mechanical and mini-hook tapes by Sanita Persona consist of two layers of pressure-sensitive adhesive material with a pre-combined hook for good fastening and repositioning on any type of knitted landing zones. Both products feature increased softness due to the presence of nonwoven fibers.

Mechanical hook tape, with strong bonding on diaper chassis, is supplied as single rolls. Mini-hook tape, with strong bonding on the elastic side panels, is supplied either as single rolls or spools for maximized product length.


INDEVCO Group will exhibit at Booth # 4035 a range of products for the hygiene converting industry, ‘Serving Every Stage & Every Age’. In addition to raw materials, member plants will display machinery and parts, corrugated and flexible packaging, and private label products.

Exhibiting INDEVCO companies leverage on the technical and logistical know-how of sister company Sanita UK to effectively and easily supply converters in Europe.

About UPPC & Sanita Persona

United Plastic Products Company manufactures polyethylene film for various applications for the tissue and hygiene industry, such as backsheet and wicketed bags. UPPC also produces Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) film, shrink film wrap and shrink hood bags for the industrial, chemical and petrochemical industries, as well as laminated or co-extruded film for the powder detergent industry.

Sanita Persona manufactures and distributes diaper closure tapes, hand sanitizers, liquid soap, and wet wipes for private label or promotion.
Gacia Apikian