High Quality, Yet Low Cost Legal Advice is Not Fiction Anymore as Check-A-Contract Enters the Scene

Los Angeles, CA, April 05, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Check-A-Contract (www.checkacontract.com), leader in attorney and lawyer-based contract review, analysis and negotiation assistance launched its services in the US to help individuals and businesses to come to the right legal conclusions and to protect their interests when signing a contract or agreement. Based in the US and the UK, Check-A-Contract eliminates the legalese and employs certified lawyers who graduated from the top 10 percent of universities in the US.

“Check-A-Contract creates a pleasant and easy way to translate contracts and legal agreements into clear English, capturing the critical information needed for our clients to make well-versed and assured decisions,” says Ralph Ehlers, CEO “Our company focuses on helping people understand the details and significant aspects of these legal agreements – to allow them to totally realise every phrase within the contract – regardless of whether it is in their best interest to sign the contract or whether modifications may perhaps be essential. In brief, our clients will never be stunned by the ‘fine-print’ and can save up to 90% on legal fees.”

“We want to unlock legal information as well as contract guidance to as many individuals and businesses as possible. Therefore they won't enter into legally binding agreements without lack of complete awareness or worry what they are signing and the way in which it may affect them; for example financial incapability or insufficient knowledge of a convenient option,” Ehlers said. “Check-A-Contract solves both of these issues, because of our sole concentration on agreement analysis and negotiation guidance, – all with the benefit of it being at a fraction of the price of other options.”

“At the end of the day, Check-A-Contract understands that a lot of people can’t afford the traditional ‘fees’ linked to conventional law and lawyer’s firms,” concluded Ehlers. “Unless you’re fortunate enough to have a lawyer within the family, quality legal agreement review may be out of reach. Our solution is to bridge that gap through providing reasonable, first-class agreement and appraisal services for individuals, business owners and entrepreneurs in the US.”

Check-A-Contract is Not taking business away from or competing against lawyer’s firms as Check-A-Contract clientèle are people or companies who would not have used their services in the past. The fundamental service is to help new and small companies ensure that they really are protected, so they don’t enter into any agreements that may cause them unknown damage in the future. Check-A-Contract offers wide-ranging and universal contract information on varied legal matters.
Ralph Ehlers