Southern California Outsourcing Institute Round Table Addressed by Avasant CEO

Los Angeles, CA, April 06, 2014 --( A select group of Fortune 100 technology leaders attended the Outsourcing Institute and IRPA hosted Southern Californian Tech Next: Innovation Round Table to hear best practices regarding technology, disruption and managing the new wave of Process Automation and SMAC, which stands for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud.

Avasant CEO, Kevin Parikh (@kevinparikh) spoke on the topic of SMAC, illustrating the power and promise of new technologies fused with business. Parikh is a sought out speaker, moderator and thought-leader on sourcing, technology and innovative best practices needed to improve organizational productivity and the bottom line. He is a considered a SMAC expert and authority, and has been published in media outlets across the US, Europe and Asia.

“The need for business leaders to better understand how technology is impacting their current business model, and how it is already fundamentally changing the course of their near-term business strategy, is vital. This event provided an opportunity to share insights and help leaders to envision a clearer path to leveraging business-changing realities such as SMAC,” said Parikh.

The Round Table is one in a series of informative sessions hosted by Outsourcing Institute and IRPA. For more information, please visit

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