LiceDoctors Reports Rise in Incidence of Head Lice in Boston and Surrounding Areas

The head lice treatment and nit removal service is seeing a sharp gain in the incidence of head lice in Boston and in several suburbs. LiceDoctors attributes the rise to growing incidence of highly resistant strains of lice as well as to the advent of warm weather.

Cambridge, MA, April 08, 2014 --( LiceDoctors Head Lice Treatment and Nit Removal is seeing twice as many cases of head lice in the Boston area as it did a year ago. According to owner, Wendy Beck, the growing incidence of "super lice" or lice that are resistant to chemicals is largely behind the rise. Enter any drug store in Boston area and you are likely to see shelves filled with head lice chemical treatments; according to Beck, common chemical treatments for head lice treatment, which are known as pediculicides, are becoming less effective in eradicating head lice. If individuals require head lice eradication, they should conduct some due diligence on their own behalf regarding the different treatment methodologies.

“As the years go on, we see more and more clients who have used chemical products, and still have live bugs in their hair, which is obviously a cause for concern,” according to Beck. Today's head lice have mutated to become resistant to chemical lice treatments and these bugs are now dubbed "super lice" by lice experts due to their increasing heartiness. Evidence is mounting to support this thesis.

The National Pediculosis Association in Newton, MA, the leading public advocacy organization in the US, lists several studies on its site showing lice resistance to a variety of pediculicides. Fran Altschuler, president of the organization, stated at a conference in Stockholm that, “while chemical treatments, pediculicides, and broad spectrum antibiotics develop resistance and potentially adverse health effects, nothing compares to the kindness of a comb."

Combine this with the arrival of spring, where children are playing together outside and have more exposure to each other, and you have the formula for an increase in incidence. "Actually, spring marks the beginning of head lice season, which continues into the fall. While lice are around all year, the incidence peaks in the warmer weather months," reports Beck. The company has recently treated families in Boston and several suburbs including Newton, Cambridge, Salem, Quincy, Norwood, Andover, Natick, Winthrop, Framingham, and many others including in New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

According Beck, "Families really appreciate the privacy and convenience of a service that comes to their homes. Our service also allows families the maximum flexibility—no need to wait for little sister to be treated, which is what can happen at a salon. Add to that feature, that LiceDoctors is the only company with a board-certified medical doctor on staff, who developed the all natural protocol 18 years ago that we use, and families feel a high level of confidence in our service. LiceDoctors has treated 110,000 satisfied clients over the years."

LiceDoctors technicians are rigorously trained and understand the level of stress that head lice can create in a family. According to Beck, "It is the mission of every LiceDoctors technician to make the lice removal process a pleasant one and to take the burden off of the parent. We offer a full guarantee that our treatment protocol works. We also educate parents and children on ways to reduce the chances of picking up another case sometime in the future."

LiceDoctors is a nationwide head lice removal service. You can contact LiceDoctors at 617-517-4197 or go online at LiceDoctors has an "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau.
Wendy Beck