In-House Nitrogen Production for Maximum Independence

BOGE, the compressed air specialist, will be launching a new range of nitrogen generators early in 2014. With these new generators, BOGE will be able to provide a complete system for generating nitrogen, making users self-sufficient and guaranteeing a reliable and demand-dependant supply.

Powder Springs, GA, April 12, 2014 --( Nitrogen is used in a variety of industries, including the oil and gas industry and in laser cutting, for increasing the shelf life of food and for fire and explosion prevention. When it comes to sourcing a nitrogen supply, companies are faced with the choice of producing their own nitrogen or taking out a contract with an outside supplier. In this case, the nitrogen is delivered either as a gas in bottles and bundles, or in a liquefied state in dewars or tanks, depending on the quantity required. On the other hand, there are obvious advantages to producing nitrogen inhouse: users get just the purity, output and delivery flow which their specific processes call for. Depending on the particular use, this can often be significantly cheaper than having it delivered by a gas supplier.

Producing your own nitrogen also provides great independence and a supply guarantee which can scarcely be provided by an outside gas supplier. By doing away with liquid gas tanks on the factory premises, companies not only free up space but also save considerable expense, since storing gas is subject to strict safety regulations. Generators for in-house nitrogen production, however, pay for themselves within less than three years, depending on the purity of the nitrogen required. In addition, companies can continuously monitor not only the purity, thanks to the oxygen analyzer sensor, but also the nitrogen quantity generated, using a flow Sensor.

All-round solution for nitrogen generation

BOGE is a system provider who offers users a closely tailored complete package for generating nitrogen. The centerpiece of this all-round solution is the nitrogen generator selected from the N 7 P to N 56 P range. Closely tailored to the nitrogen demand, it delivers purity grades of up to 5.0 (99.999%). Besides the nitrogen

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