Robin Lavitch Owner of Surpass Your Goal Relocates to Partner with eEvolve Management

Robin is happy to announce she's becoming a Resident Practitioner at eEvolve and continue business coaching and life coaching on-site for your convenience.

Clearwater, FL, April 25, 2014 --( At - A holistic center that offers services for the mind, body, spirit and environment in pursuit of helping people create real world lasting changes, which enable them to live a life full of meaning, happiness and health. Robin is a partner and resident practitioner offering executive and success coaching. Weekly classes on Liberating Greatness and Life Planning are offered. opened April 14.

Robin Lavitch stated, "I'm a happy to announce I will be a Resident Practitioner At eEvolve and continue You are invited to experience eEvolve Holistic Health & Wellness to explore the intimate connection between body, mind, spirit and environment. Immerse yourself in the sacred space of our community."

Evolve Services

· Meditation Rooms Fitness Gym with Nutritional Coach
· Stress Relieving Sauna
· Therapeutic Hot Tub
· Health Food Cafe
· Holistic Gift Store and Library
· Wellness and Therapy Classes

At eEvolve, they have built a community where the Resident Practitioners as well as your fellow members become family. Their Holistic Health & Wellness center will become like a home away from home. They have 15,000 sq ft of peace.


Robin Lavitch owns Surpass Your Goal, a company that coaches, consults and trains business professionals on sensible and absurd elements of human behavior through personality, motivation, body language and communication.

Robin produces extensive results with her systematic, entertaining and engaging approach to merging psychological principles with business strategies.

Robin's programs on personality development, body language and persuasion are applied to trial and court communications, human resources, and leadership. Robin's passion is fueled when others realize their potential and surpass their goals!
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