SalesLogistix Completes Two Full Years as #1 Ranked Consultancy

Firm has retained top spot in’s App Exchange Worldwide Vendor Rating System.

Palo Alto, CA, May 20, 2014 --( SalesLogistix Corporation, the CRM Management Consultancy and certified integrator, today announced that it has kept its top ranking in’s App Exchange for over two years. Having first achieved the #1 rank in May of 2012 (see, the firm has earned an additional 25 five-star customer reviews. SalesLogistix has an unblemished 5-star history of client votes, with total voting that ranks higher than consultancies many times its size. SalesLogistix clients have been voting for the firm’s quality, cost, and schedule attributes steadily since 2009, as can be seen in the AppExchange review and voting listing system ( &tab=r).

“Clients recognize that we are offering them service and expertise that is valuable to their business, and we have client relationships that span more than five years,” said David Taber, CEO of SalesLogistix.

Unlike some AppExchange participants who use “vote inflation” techniques, the votes for SalesLogistix:

· Have no “double-counting” – each client has put in only one review.
· Reflect direct customer relationships – the rankings reflect no subcontracts or indirect relationships.
· Are from paying clients only.
· Do not include any training or mentoring clients.
· Reflect only projects.
· Reflect a complete system build out or significant re-work of the client’s system.

In the history of SalesLogistix, only four client have “defected.” However, over a dozen of the firm’s clients have been acquired by companies like IBM, HP, and Symantec.

The AppExchange is’s online directory of consultancies and product partners, and every Salesforce parther is subject to voting by their customers. Voting is voluntary, but requires that the voter be a user of a production Salesforce instance. The voting system tracks and displays who the voter is, to limit artificial inflation of the votes. The votes and commentary about consultants focus on project quality, cost, and completion date, and the ranking of votes is done automatically along several variables. One of the variables – lifetime voting score – has been used in this comparison because it is less vulnerable to “gaming” or artificial internet tactics that could temporarily affect the numbers.

About SalesLogistix Corporation
Since 2005, SalesLogistix Corporation has improved its clients’ sales, marketing, and customer service business processes that are the foundation of their profitable growth. SalesLogistix is a CRM management consultancy and certified integrator that configures, extends, and integrates systems with the rest of its clients’ Cloud infrastructure. Using a proprietary Agile methodology and best practices derived from years of executive experience, the firm molds to clients’ business processes, providing a true 360-degree operational view of customer relationships. Headquartered in California, SalesLogistix has over 125 clients in Europe, Asia, and North America.

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