The Cat Café Trend Continues to Grow

The trends collective is noting how a niche trend continues to expand.

New York, NY, May 25, 2014 --(, the leading trends-collecting website, is following the growth of cat cafes around the world. The cat café originated back in 1998 in Taiwan, where many housing complexes do not allow pets. The cafes are a place where, for a fee, patrons can interact with and enjoy the company of felines.

“The cat café is a novel concept that has really caught on over the last year or two,” says a spokesperson. “Our obsession with cats continues to grow, and a place for interaction outside of the house is a logical next step.”

Japan is the biggest hotbed for the cat café trend, and more than three dozen of these dens have popped up over the last ten years. Since then, the kitty-friendly trend has spread across Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Now, the trend is coming to the United States. Two cafes are expected to open in San Francisco this year, while a pop-up boutique opened by a cat food company drew massive crowds in New York City.

The cat café is such a popular idea, spins offs are starting to appear. This includes owl cafes, which are beginning to spring up in Tokyo and surrounding areas.

“This is another example of how important pets are in our society,” says a spokesperson. “People are so in love with tamed or domesticated animals, they are paying for the opportunity to spend time around them. This is an indicator how the continued growth of the pet trend.”

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