Comprehensive Knowledge Management Technologies Will Prove Key for Language Services

LTC, a leading provider of language technology solutions, highlights the importance of improved processes for knowledge management in the language service industry.

London, United Kingdom, May 29, 2014 --( The Language Technology Centre is recognised for its leading multilingual business management system LTC Worx. An initial investigation has shown a growing need for improved information management solutions to better support the operations of the corporate language service departments and language service providers. LTC will analyse the benefits of knowledge management technology for language services, where many projects require well-coordinated yet informal collaboration.

“Collaboration is emerging as a focal area driving the industry. At LTC, we see new applications of knowledge management to be a key factor to improving the communication and the use of valuable information during knowledge-intensive language projects. A more advanced method to increase efficiency through knowledge transfer is needed,” Adriane Rinsche, Managing Director at LTC, explains the motivation.

LTC will deploy and evaluate KnowHow, a cloud-enabled knowledge management solution. The results of these activities will lead to enhanced collaboration and information management. KnowHow will demonstrate the use of social business principles where professional community networking is utilised in functional areas of the business to improve communication and engagement between colleagues.

LTC creates innovative workflow automation processes that improve management and collaboration in various scenarios for the multilingual business. With the evaluation of KnowHow, the expertise of knowledge workers throughout the multilingual production process will be enhanced by effective communication and access to relevant information.

The KnowHow project is a part-EU funded project addressing two major ICT trends: Cloud Computing, through the utilisation of Platform-as-a-Service, and the increasing application of Social Business or Enterprise 2.0 concepts. If you would like to be involved or learn more about this investigation into innovative knowledge management processes contact LTC at

About LTC
LTC provides high value language technology, translation and localisation services valued by leading global enterprises. With 20 years of experience in deploying and developing advanced technologies LTC offers an innovative, flexible and focused approach to ensuring its customers’ success in all aspects of authoring, managing and delivering corporate content in multiple languages, including workflow automation and comprehensive multilingual technology solutions.

About KnowHow
The KnowHow consortium consists of 5 partners from 4 EU member states: Germany, Greece, United Kingdom and Italy. The project will carry out the analysis, testing and implementation of a solution for knowledge management adjusted specifically for the different project partners’ expectations. The results will see the positioning of a tested, cloud-based KM platform that will provide effective functions for knowledge-intensive applications in different domains to improve knowledge sharing, communication, and project collaboration productivity. Visit for more information.

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme managed by REA – Research Executive Agency (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n°606571 FP7-SME-2013.
Bradley Harrad