Quirky Fun in San Francisco

Looking for something new to do in San Francisco? San Francisco Photos ( is the place to go. How about a Fortune Cookie Factory? Or bowing down the streets of San Francisco ... kind of? Or a romantic dinner under the stars on an alley that most locals don't know about?

San Francisco, CA, January 18, 2006 --( New Website collection of photos and notes for offbeat things to do in San Francisco at Randy Schroeder, San Francisco photo journalist, has assembled a large collection of unique things do to with great photos of the city - most are things you may never think of doing or find without this great site. It's perfect for tourists or locals looking for alternative fun things to do.

How about a visit to a real fortune cookie factory? Or a vintage movie theater where the organist rises up into view, plays songs before the movie starts, ends with San Francisco Here I Come, then lowers slowly before the movie starts. Or go bowling down the streets of San Francisco ... virtually, that is? Or watch a current or 3D film on? Or have a romantic dinner under the stars in a hidden alley with 5 restaurants that will make you fell like you're in Venice or Paris? They're all at, and the list is growing every day.

Another unique part of this site is that it's organized so you can follow a series of entries to create your own tour a day at a time. Or you can skip around and choose what you like. He's squeezed in so much, you'll have to make choices, there's just not enough time. Or you could move here and do it all?

Bookmark this site because it's growing fast. The photos are all by Randy and it's clear he has a good eye for photography, and a flair for writing ... with a slightly twisted sense of humor and a taste for those odd things to do that really show off the city for what it is - a melting pot of diversity, with so many points of view - each creating a never ending list of ways to celebrate life.

Randy Schroeder
415 282-3444