Viewpoints Industry TV to Report on the Next Generation of Customers on an Upcoming Segment

Viewpoints Industry TV relates a warning that a tide of new consumers is coming who like having things their own way.

Coral Springs, FL, June 15, 2014 --( Viewpoints Industry TV sees big changes coming as a generation of customers arises who are somewhat spoiled, used to getting their own way, and are linked together by social media to an extent that our parents could never have imagined. While the concept of "the customer is king" has always been given lip service by businesses, the next generation promises to wield unprecedented power in their dealings. Alan Trefler, Founder and CEO of Pegasystems, in his book "Build for Change" warns businesses that if they do not adapt and flow with this new balance of power, they may not survive. Consumers of this new generation are waiting to be enthralled by new products and they insist on being reached out to via their preferred medium of communication, social media.

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Kyra Burton