US Wiping Celebrates Their 106th Year in Business

The company has been providing superior services nationwide since 1908.

St. Louis, MO, June 28, 2014 --( U. S. Wiping, a local company that provides an array of cloths, towels, and other wiping materials nationwide, is celebrating their 106th year in business.

Founded in 1908, the company is located at 2539 E. Sullivan Avenue. Their central location in the heart of the nation has allowed them to provide cost-effective and timely shipping to customers around the United States.

Additionally, the company boasts flexibility in their packaging, which enables them to be customer specific for resale and storage purposes.

“We are very proud to have been serving the nation for over 100 years, and we’re certain that we couldn’t have done so without our great employees and our loyal customer base,” said Chris Gebben, co-owner of U. S. Wiping. “We hope to continue serving our nation another 100 years later!”

U. S. Wiping provides a myriad of quality products that can be used for bars, gyms, hair salons, and even homes, vehicles, boats, and businesses. “Our products can be used for ordinary cleaning tasks all the way to industrial cleaning and everything in between,” said Gebben. “Anywhere there’s dirt, dust, oil, or grease, or if you just want to give something a good shine, we have products that are perfect for your needs!”

A large portion of products that U. S. Wiping provides is made in the United States including lint-free tubes, tack cloths, surgical-huck towels, and several other products. They also manufacture many of their products. “We are always trying to source products that are made in the USA,” said Gebben.

U. S. Wiping is also a proud member of Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles (SMART), which is an international association dedicated to providing information and products for a cleaner world.

“We value our planet and want to do our best to help preserve it for years to come,” Gebben said. “That’s why we affiliate ourselves with SMART and strive to provide efficient, earth-friendly products for our customers.”

For more information about U. S. Wiping and their products, please call (314) 421-3311 or visit their website at
U.S. Wiping
Chris Gebben