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The Laundry Bag Store Online Announces a New Product Offering: Assorted Nylon Laundry Bags in 50 and 100 Piece Lots with Free Shipping

The Laundry Bag Store Online, an online retailer of various style laundry and storage bags is now offering 210 denier assorted nylon laundry bags in two sizes.

Watertown, MA, January 19, 2006 --( Two sizes are available and provide a low cost solution to any laundry service, business or facility when color is not a priority.

Their 22” x 28” medium nylon laundry bag, commonly known to dry cleaners as a counter bag includes a drawstring with self-locking closure and two metal hanging grommets. The bags come in packs of 5 assorted colors from a palette of 14 colors. Each 22” x 28” laundry bag can hold approximately 14-20 lbs.

For those requiring a larger bag, a 30” x 40” nylon bag is available in packs of 5 assorted colors, from a palette of 14 colors also with a drawstring and self-locking closure. Each 30” x 40” laundry bag can hold approximately 40 to 50 lbs.

Also available in 12 packs are Suit and Dress Storage Bags. Both styles are made of a clear vinyl with a front zipper and sealed bottom. The back of the bag is made from a breathable, white, non-woven material.

The size of the suit storage bag is 24"(w) x 42"(h) x 3(d)" and can easily hold 2 to 3 suits, several dress shirts or any other fine garments you want to protect from dust, mildew and pesky moths.

The size of the dress storage bag is 24"(w) x 60"(h) x 3(d)" and can hold 3 or 4 dresses, blouses or skirts.

The suit and dress storage bag 12 packs are available with free shipping when purchasing from their eBay Store. For those without an eBay account the company will send a PayPal invoice if you provide them with a valid email address.

Laundry Bag Store Online

Laundry Bag Store Online
James J. Patriarca