Attitudes Toward Drinking Are Changing

The trends consortium reports a rise in experience consumption.

New York, NY, July 12, 2014 --(, the leading trends-spotting website, is following a large shift in drinking attitudes.

“The days of drinking the same brand or the same beverage day after day, year after year, is going by the way side,” says a spokesperson. “Now, drinking is all about new experiences.”

In the United Kingdom, the neighborhood pub is becoming a thing of the past. The location where regulars visit night after night is akin to a previous generation, and there are bigger and better ideas out there. Cocktails are also shrinking in size. Traditionally, cocktails are small blasts of liquor and flavor. Recently, these creations have exploded into sugary and boozy drinks of massive proportion, but an emphasis on unique ingredients is shrinking them back down.

The traditional choices of drinkers- beer, liquor, and wine- are each being reexamined. Each beverage category is going through its own revolution. Craft beer has been big for the last decade, and consumers are turning to it for new flavors, styles, and interpretations all of the time. In fact, some small-scale brewers are avoiding making the same beer twice to keep up with demand. Small-scale liquor makers are creating new batches as often as possible, with efforts to produce unique spins on notable flavors. And wineries are creating new vintages on an annual basis, with different grapes and new processes.

“Instead of being a retreat, alcohol is becoming an experience,” says a spokesperson. “While alcohol remains an integral accessory to a social life, the type of beverage is changing. Consumers want an endless supply of new flavors, new ideas, new interpretations, and new feelings. They don’t want to drink for the sake of drinking anymore. They want to drink to experience. The market is shifting rapidly to keep up.”

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