New Invention: Wooshade Retractable Sunshade Cap is Now Available on Multiple Online Sites

Patent-Pending Wooshade Retractable Sunshade Cap can now be ordered on the company website, and on marketplaces and

Norwalk, CA, July 19, 2014 --( Wooshade Caps Inc. announces the general availability of the Wooshade Retractable Sunshade Cap, the first sun hat to offers both targeted shading and sunshield retractability. The cap can now be ordered on the company’s own website,, and on the online marketplaces and

This patent-pending sunshade cap consists of a baseball-style cap and four large sunshields that can be deployed on demand, individually or in combination, to provide up to 360 degrees of 50+ UPF UV protection for the head and face. It is ideal for use during outdoor activities that expose people to the sun for a prolonged period, such as hiking, fishing, gardening, attending outdoors sporting events, golfing and much more. Car passengers can also wear it during long road trips to shade the side of the face and neck.

The Wooshade Cap’s retractable sunshields enable the cap to be worn like a regular sports cap. Once needed, one or more sunshields can be quickly deployed to shade the desired areas, i.e. back of the neck, each side of the face/neck, front of the face, or ears. A major feature is the ability to properly shade the front of the face using the expandable front sunshield, which is neatly retracted on the bill of the cap like a sleeve when not in use. The side sunshields drape down forwardly from the side of the bill, providing maximum protection for the side of the face and cheeks, and there is also a wide-angle option for greater peripheral visibility. The sunshields can interlock together to provide more stability during breezy conditions.

Cap inventor and company founder Frankie E. Woo points out that there is a growing public awareness of the need for sun protection, as prolonged ultraviolet ray exposure can lead to numerous types of skin damage, including sunburns, dryness, wrinkles, sunspots, oily skin, acne, premature cellular aging and skin cancer. However, most sun hats don’t adequately shield your face and neck, and sunscreen lotions provide only limited solar protection.

“I invented this cap primarily due to my own situation, since I have sensitive skin that gets irritated and inflamed after only a few minutes in the hot summer sun,” he explains. “As a lawyer constantly meeting clients, I wasn’t comfortable with my face and neck turning sunburn red and later dark, a stark contrast to my arms that are always protected under long shirt sleeves. I looked everywhere for a decent sun hat, but didn’t find one that could truly shade my face and ears, especially when the sun is low in the sky. An umbrella provides good shading, but you get tired of holding it after a while, and it can’t be used in crowded places like in a stadium. I also didn’t like putting sunscreen lotion on my face and neck because it is just too messy, often getting into my eyes and staining my clothes, and I had concerns about the long-term safety of the chemical ingredients on the skin.”

“So there wasn’t much I could do except to keep telling myself to avoid going out in the sun. One day, after waking up from a dreamy noon-time nap, an idea suddenly hit me,” he recalls. “Why hadn’t anyone come up with a sun hat with sunshields that are large enough to sufficiently shade the face and neck and that can retract neatly so that the cap can still be worn when shading isn’t needed? I instantly knew I had to make one. I bought a few baseball caps and fabrics, and started experimenting with various shapes of the sunshields and folding them. During the developmental phase, even though I was a first-time inventor, everything just seemed to move right along. Soon, I discovered that using snaps fasteners was the best solution for retracting and securing the folded sunshields on top of the cap, especially plastic snaps that remain cool under the sun. The hardest problem was figuring out how to retract the large rectangular rear sunshield onto the curved surface of the cap. That took several weeks of brainstorming and trials. In the end, I was pleasantly surprised that I could add so many features to the cap, although manufacturing it would not be easy. I’m proud to say that the Wooshade Cap truly is a one-of-a-kind product that can benefit a lot of people once they learn about it and get one.”

Except for the blank cap and the fabric that are imported, fabrication of the sunshields and installation of the snap fasteners are currently all done in Los Angeles, California. For more information about the Wooshade Cap, please visit the website: or contact the company directly.
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