Legacy Memorial New System Can Set Up a Memorial Website in 5-Minutes and 4 Easy Steps

LegacyMemorial.com offers a new simplified system with which you can set up a customized memorial website in 4 simple steps and in less than 5 minutes. The websites are hosted to last for generations to keep the memory of a loved one alive in the hearts and minds of family and friends.

Ogden, UT, July 23, 2014 --(PR.com)-- A leader in online memorial services and always looking for innovation that improve on quality and service for their customers, LegacyMemorial.com launches a new and highly simplified system with which anyone can set up a customized memorial website in less than five minutes. The online memorial webpage can be availed as standalone or linked to the gravestone or a memorial souvenir with the help of Quick Response (QR) Codes.

Various surveys show that most people want to set up an online memorial for their deceased loved ones, but they are deterred by their lack of technical know-how on how to set up a and host a website. LegacyMemorial.com in their quest to design customer-friendly processes and services set up a new system whereby any lay person who can use the Internet can set up a website in four simple menu-driven steps.

The system comes with a 14-day free trial and a limited offer of 25 percent off the regular price for 1-year sponsorship to encourage more people to try the online memorial and understand the benefits this offers.

Using online obituaries is easy and informative; anyone who loved and cared for the deceased person can gather information about his/ her life, see pictures, videos and add comments/ stories of their own. The added advantage to the online memorial website is that it can be linked with the help of a QR Code – a code similar to the bar code – to any memorial object. The QR code can be placed on the grave, urn, bench in a park, small souvenirs, or anywhere at all. The code needs to be scanned on a smart phone using a free app; once scanned the QR Code will connect the user to the said website.

Online memorials have one major advantage over the physical ones. Images, stories, even gravestones wear out and over time distort memories. With the websites however, the memories remain evergreen and alive for lifetime. Children, their children and many generations down the line can actually see and experience the life of the deceased loved ones and with it, keep history of their past generations alive forever in their hearts.

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