New Guide Helps Householders Remove Unwanted Furry Visitors from their Home

Small animal charity CavyRescue have produced a short guide to humanely removing wild rodents from your home.

Rochester, UK, United Kingdom, January 20, 2006 --( Now we are in the depths of Winter, wild mice and rats everywhere are seeking out a nice, warm house or garden shed where they can live during these colder months. However, not everyone appreciates these uninvited house guests and will call in an exterminator. However, the methods used to 'deal with' these rodents are cruel and unnecessary says Stella Hulott, co-founder of CavyRescue.

She says: "The methods used by professional pest controllers are inhumane - anti-coagulants are put down with the food bait which is then eaten by the rodent. He can then expect a long and painful death dragging over five days where he will literally bleed to death. There are humane ways of removing these unwanted visitors from your home and ways which do not put your family and household pets at risk too."

The guide not only highlights humane ways of removing rodents from a property but, more importantly, shows how to prevent rodents 'house breaking'.

Stella says: "While calling the exterminators in may work in the short term by killing any rodents in your home, you will soon get more. The key is prevention – and is the easiest and best long term solution. Simple things such as repairing broken air bricks and holes in external walls and filling floorboard holes and replacing damaged skirting boards will help stop the rodents get in. And not leaving food rubbish bags around in your gadren will stop attracting them too."

The guide is available online at

Stella Hulott
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