Smart Technology Continues to Trend Onward

The trends consultancy continues to track the saturation of internet-enabled devices.

New York, NY, July 25, 2014 --(, the leading trends-spotting consortium, is tracking the continuing smart technology trend. More and more, internet enabled technology is populating our lives.

“Once a trend gets moving, it’s very hard to stop,” says a spokesperson. “That’s what we’re seeing with smart technology. It started in phones, and now consumers want to be connected everywhere.”

The smart house is becoming a reality, as developers create smart locks, smart refrigerators, smart grills, and other internet-enabled household items. This category does not address the smart house, which allows home owners to control lights, temperature, and doors using apps. The internet enabled car is also reaching the market, with receiving dashboard displays that integrate the contents of a driver’s cell phone. Clothing is also being internet enabled, with the technology allowing for digital feedback and access to information without having to use hands.

“Smart technology is the ultimate trend,” says a spokesperson. “It started out as a novelty, grew into a part of life, and is now a necessity. Developers are pushing the limit to understand how much people actually want this technology and how far it can be integrated into daily life. This trend is not finished yet, so we’re sure to see interesting ideas along the way.”

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