New Advertising Network Launches on Veterans Network

Greensboro, NC, October 24, 2007 --( The AdMemex online advertising platform launched today serving the VFW WebCOM Network. The self-service network allows advertisers to place their own ads in targeted areas locally and regionally across the country.

AdMemex puts control of online advertising in the hands of the local publishers and advertisers. Advertisements can be purchased for one or more sites at the same time or across a complete Network of sites. The ad format can be text or graphical and the advertiser can preview their advertisement prior to purchase. Advertisements are approved by the publisher before the advertisement is placed in rotation, giving them full advertorial control.

The AdMemex advertising platform was developed by Greensboro, NC-based LLC as an in-house ad serving solution for their managed social network clients. The project has now evolved into the formation of its own company, AdMemex LLC.

Don Moore, a 30-year veteran of the media broadcasting industry will serve as the new company’s founding CEO while LLC will retain a majority share.

“One of the biggest issues in advertising is being flexible enough to meet the clients and users needs. AdMemex was founded to address those necessities. It follows one of the guiding policies of Policlicks - simple and scalable,” said Moore. “As the newest member of the Policlicks family of services, we look forward to filling the advertising requirements of Policlicks’ clients in addition to offering our services to other networks.”

“AdMemex comes to market with a distinct advantage,” stated Dan Romuald, Policlicks CEO. “Their Ad serving and management infrastructure is already in place across the 10,000 site-strong VFW WebCOM Network and we have activated the sales mechanisms in over 10,000 advertising zones in hundreds of local communities across North Carolina, Virginia, Missouri, New Hampshire, Alabama, South Dakota, West Virginia and Wisconsin.”

“Now that AdMemex is in place, our Network partners have hit the ground running, ” added Romuald. “The first sale occurred out of Mountain Grove, Missouri VFW Post 3770 during a beta test last week….before we had even officially launched.”, LLC is a Greensboro, NC-based company founded in 2002, that partners with organizations such as Departments of the Veterans of Foreign Wars to create managed interactive multi-media communication platforms and networks driven by user-generated content and hyper-local advertising. LLC services include email, weblogs, video/audio platforms and ad serving technology.

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