Personality Expert Maps Out the Route to a Happy and Successful Life

Can you measure happiness? Pat Knightley, from profiling and team development agency Ennearoutes can not only measure it, but predict it too. Whether your concerns are for domestic or work-place bliss, Ennearoutes uses the Enneagram profiling model to identify personal traits and hidden keys to fulfillment that can map the route to happiness and avoid damaging conflict on the way.

Newbury, United Kingdom, October 23, 2007 --( Very few of us know exactly where we are going in life. Does anyone ever have the route to happiness and success mapped out in front of them?
Realistically, there are bound to be diversions and delays before we find the right pathway to our goals and ambitions.

And we all have different expectations and desires – money and career may be desirable to some, while others value family and relationships. It all comes down to our personality. That’s what shapes our lives.

The key to happiness, success, or both, may be elusive – but an exciting new approach, based on a well established profiling system, provides some invaluable tools for delving deeper into our personality and for understanding our real motivations, goals and dreams.

Ennearoutes is the brainchild of personality expert Pat Knightley who has helped countless people from all walks of life unlock the secrets of their unique character. She utilises a powerful personality profiling model called the Enneagram that can help people understand themselves and others. The Enneagram describes how we relate to our personal and business lives in nine distinct areas.

Using her Ennearoutes approach as a basis, Pat’s work is equally valuable to businesses and private individuals alike to help them achieve their own unique goals and ambitions.

“The difference with the Ennearoutes approach is that anybody can use it to help people understand themselves and create meaningful relationships whether in business or in their personal lives. It helps people understand themselves and others better,” explains Pat.

“We all have an ego which is at the core of our personality, moulding us and our lives. But it is how you use it that is interesting and how you respond and react to it.” She adds.

Ennearoutes can help people to focus on their actual motivation that drives an individual behaviour as they react to three basic instinctual responses: Self-preservation, Social Relationships and One-to-one Relationships.

We all possess aspects of the nine personality types, but its ingenuity lies in indentifying our most dominant traits and how they help or hinder us in life.

This innovative method of helping people understand themselves and others is proving so popular that Pat has found herself working closely with several national and international organisations including Scottish Widows, Wedding TV, British Telecom and O2.

Pat, a master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and doubly accredited Enneagram Teacher, has recently created a personality profiling tool for pension firm Scottish Widows to help individuals understand their attitude to money.

“If you’re unhappy with the way you manage your finances, you need to understand the reasons behind your actions and discover how to break old habits,” she explains.

And on the relationship side, Pat teamed up with Wedding TV to talk about how the Enneargram can help couples relate better to each other by understanding their habitual type and behaviours.

The Ennearoutes system is versatile enough to work just as well in the business environment as on a personal level. And this is why both British Telecom and O2 have enlisted Pat’s help for their staff’s development training.
Ennearoutes provides a range of staff development programmes for businesses including leadership coaching, executive coaching and team building as well as a range of workshops and seminars.

For details of how Ennearoutes can work for you, log on to its new website at

As well as providing details on the Enneagram, the website offers a free personality profiling test. You can even go on take a more detailed personality test, tailor-made to you at a reasonable cost.

This powerful analysis tool can help you gain a deep understanding of why you feel a particular way about people and situations and how you react to circumstances before they even arise.

Pat Knightley’s ground-breaking methods at Ennearoutes are changing people’s lives – literally.

To find out how Pat Knightley and Ennearoutes can be of help to you, whether as a business or individual, visit the website: or telephone: 0845 465 0192.

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