The Robot is Taking Over

The leading trends-watching consortium is seeing a major spike in the number of robots in use.

New York, NY, August 10, 2014 --(, the leading trends monitoring website, is reporting a rise in the use of robots.

“Robots have always been a fantasy of our society,” says a spokesperson. “The technology has fascinated us; an not-living being that can take orders and serve in a reliable fashion. Now, as technology improves, robots are becoming a reality.”

Robots are being used to replace humans in situations that require precise measurement and actions. For several decades now, this has meant usage in factories and other mass-production facilities. Now, the uses have evolved to include driving cars down streets and parking them in airport lots, measuring the amount of liquor in cocktails, and mowing lawns.

Robots are also being reinvented to do produce more human functions. In Japan, robots are being programmed in order to perform as actors on stage. In the American newspaper business, robots are being deployed to write basic news briefs. And thanks to virtual chat technology, robots are being created to serve as a stand-in while employees are out of the office, transporting a computer around a facility so the away worker can still take part in a work day.

“There is huge demand for robotics by corporations because of the precision and reliability they provide,” says a spokesperson. “There’s also a novelty factor of having something programmed be so lifelike. This trend will continue to grow as long as it is cost-effective and practical.”

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