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Art Project Fundraising Attempt Turns into $100 Million Challenge

Brother and sister team started out raising funds for their latest art project but ended up on a multi-million dollar quest to prove the power of branding.

New York, NY, January 21, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Artist Kevin van Braak went to his sister to help him raise funds for his latest project. He needed cash to finance a pan-European tour giving workshops on location. "I had read about this kid from Wiltshire, England who made a million dollars in 4 months with his Million Dollar Homepage," says Kevin. "Initially the goal was to fund my current artwork. We quickly realized the concept could go much further."

When funds for Kevin's project were covered within the first two weeks, the brother and sister wanted to see how far they could stretch a million dollar idea. They branded the concept by launching a series of Million Dollar Homepage For... websites, each targeted to a specific industry or special interest. For example www.milliondollarhomepageforart.com sells advertising space to art industry buyers in 10 pixel by 10 pixel squares for permanent placement on the site’s homepage.

"The $30,000 price tag for the last 1,000 pixels on that Wiltshire kid's site is proof that demand for this product has not been satisfied. That alone is reason to get into this market," says Dafne van Braak, who holds a degree in international marketing. "I run my own web hosting company, Dinku Hosting, so it was no problem to get the web space and register the domains. Our experience came in handy with developing a system for setting up sites quickly. For every new MillionDollarHomepageFor... idea, we can register the domain and have the site online within 30 minutes."

The pair are betting that advertisers' need for reliable targeted advertising combined with the tried and true marketing technique of corporate branding will push their network of sites to its $100 million goal.

"As an artist this is a very exciting project for me. A recurring theme in my work has been rampant commercialism in western society. The frenzy of excitement around Million Dollar Homepages is proof of the point," says Kevin. "I am convinced we will easily reach the 100 million dollars, and I won't be surprised if we do it in 1 year."

www.milliondollarhomepageformilliondollarhomepages.com is the portal which links to the other Millon Dollar Homepage For… pages, but to reach their goal the van Braaks’ Million Dollar Homepage For... concept will have to be 1 million dollars deep and 100 ideas wide, and that remains to be seen.

Million Dollar Homepage For Million Dollar Homepages
Dafne van Braak