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Restore It Yourself, Inc. the makers of the award-winning Scratch-B-Gone product line, have launched a new website to make it as easy as 1-2-3 to order their restoration and cleansing products - all of which are eco-friendly, non-toxic and easy to use.

Los Angeles, CA, August 21, 2014 --( Top of the line appliances come in a variety of materials, but it is stainless steel that has become the gold standard. They've become widely popular, not only because they shine with a unique chrome brilliance, but because they are made out of extremely durable material that does not corrode or rust. However, they are easily scratched.

Once an appliance becomes dull or scratched, its value diminishes, and it is often replaced or discarded. This is a frustration for many home and business owners, who want to maintain the aesthetics of their stainless steel appliances, without having to purchase replacements due to entirely superficial blemishes.

Until the creation of the Scratch-B-Gone kit and process, consumers and professionals were told by experts that it was impossible to remove the scratches because the resulting “bright spot” was often worse than the scratch or blemish.

Barry Feinman, founder and CEO of Restore It Yourself, Inc. while working in the field under its sister company, Restoration ArTechs, recognized that scratches and blemishes on expensive stainless steel appliances, sinks, countertops and barbeques was an unresolved problem in the appliance and other industries.

He set out to develop the perfect formula and application to solve this problem once and for all. Doing so took years of trial and error, but was made possible by Barry’s innovative and creative approach; which included the co-invention of a chemical formulation that would blend the “repaired” metal on the surface thereby eliminating the dreaded “bright spot.”

Restoration experts were amazed at how easily and quickly the process worked. The product exceeded expectations, and quickly became an award-winning, go-to stainless steel scratch removing solution that proved time and again to live up to the name "Scratch-B-Gone".

Introducing Scratch-B-Gone to the world of restoration and janitorial professionals was easy, word of mouth helped to spread the good news fast.

And while the product became well known in the restoration business, it was still little known by your average home owner. All that has since changed, and now Scratch-B-Gone can be found in a variety of local and chain hardware and home improvement stores; such as Ace Hardware and Signature Hardware.

Restore It Yourself has grown and now offers a variety of products all as efficient and impressive as Scratch-B-Gone, all with their own unique purpose; a much needed solution, to a restoration and/or cleaning problem.

Now DIY types can find all RIY products in one place; a new and improved, user-friendly website offering the best deals available on their signature star, Scratch-B-Gone kits, as well as many other online-only deals.

Ranging in price from as little as $16.99 for the Scratch-B-Gone Small Area Restoration Kit, and for the Professionals out there working in restoration, there is the Scratch-B-Gone Basic or Pro Contractor Kit - also available through the website.

About Restore It Yourself, Inc.

Restore It Yourself, Inc. is the brain-child of one of the world’s foremost experts in the art of surface restoration, Barry S. Feinman. Since 1991, Restore It Yourself, Inc. has been a pioneer - and is now a national leader - in the Stainless steel cleaning and restoration industry, as with eco-friendly products. Demand for Scratch-B-Gone™ has grown globally and can be found in hardware stores throughout the United States.

Scratch-B-Gone, and all of Restore It Yourself, Inc.'s unique restoration products, are for the person who wants to “do-it-yourself” as much as it is for the commercial contractor or other professional services.

All products offer a non-toxic, environmentally safe and sane, unique process to clean, remove scratches, and restore the beauty of Stainless steel home and commercial appliances, outdoor kitchens, sinks, grills, food serving areas, cabinets, or any genuine brushed Stainless steel surface, as well as products specializing in Ceramic Glass Cooktops, Copper and Copper Patina, and much more.

Restore It Yourself, Inc. manufacturers and distributes earth‐friendly green products made in America. They offer a family of proprietary restoration, cleaning, polishing and protective products designed for home, commercial and industrial applications.

Restore It Yourself, alongside its sister company, Restoration ArTechs represents more than 20 years of local and national restoration experience. They provide only the best in fine surface green cleaning and restoration products, services and training.

Both RIY and Restoration ArTechs adhere to widely accepted conservation practices to meet green building initiatives, provide green cleaning and restoration solutions, train and certify in‐house technicians, and provide larger, more complex restoration services as needed.

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