Sili Mitts Product Launch at Amazon an Overwhelming Success

Life Quintessentials is happy to announce that the launching of its newest product Sili Mitts through their Amazon storefront has been an overwhelming success.

Houston, TX, August 22, 2014 --( Life Quintessentials launched its newest product Sili Mitts a little more than two weeks ago with much fanfare. They gave away virtual coupons for the silicone oven mitts, which were offered for sale from July 24 to 25 only.

Customers who liked and followed the company's Facebook page were asked to click a shortened link in a post that featured a photo of the blue-tinted cooking gloves. They were led to a landing page that provided a link to the product's Amazon page. From there, customers were able to buy a new pair of oven mitts for only a dollar - no more, no less. The mitts are part of the Fulfilled by Amazon program, which offers free shipping for eligible items to addresses within the United States.

After the initial launch, the retail price of the silicone cooking gloves returned to its competitive retail price per pair. However, the overwhelming success of the introductory price promo prompted the company to once again reward their valued shoppers with another money-saving discount that brings down the selling price to less than twenty dollars for a pair of Life Quintessentials silicone oven mitts.

Based on the positive feedback provided by satisfied Amazon customers, the silicone cooking gloves are very effective in protecting their hands and forearms from minor burns while cooking, baking and grilling. A few customers commented that they used the gloves to protect their skin from coming in contact with ice-covered surfaces when they pull out frozen foods from the freezer. Others were happy to report the gloves did their job in shielding their arms from intense heat and smoke as they cooked burger patties and hotdogs for a barbecue party.

The silicone oven mitts are lined with soft cotton and polyester to keep out the heat and absorb the sweat from your hands. Sweat is one reason why cooking mitts shift and slip, which leads to scalding burns and other kitchen accidents. The upper layer is made of food-grade silicone that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recognized as safe to use in handling food and cooking. The wrist bands are made of pure cotton that fits comfortably over one's forearms and stopping short below the elbows.

These silicone cooking gloves are easy to clean. You can throw them into the dishwasher and let the medium-to-high temperature and the mild detergent take care of washing and disinfecting the mitts. People who like to be thorough choose to clean the gloves by hand and soak them in a tub of warm water mixed with dishwashing soap. They may be hung and dried indoors or under the sun, whichever is preferable.
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