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The Vision, Mission and Core Values of Aleph Group Inc. The story of AGI and their journey to always be advancing their specialty vehicles and mobile solutions that will impact their community.

Riverside, CA, August 23, 2014 --( The Vision, Mission and Core Values of Aleph Group Inc.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson. Aleph Group Inc. personifies this quote in every trivial and vast detail and challenge AGI comes across. AGI designs and manufactures specialty vehicles and mobile solutions from a fifty-thousand square foot facility located in Riverside, California. AGI has perfected the craft of designing and manufacturing mobile units that enable organizations to expand their borders and make a difference in people’s lives with their services. AGI designs and manufactures mobile units such as bloodmobiles, mobile dental or exam clinics, mobile command centers, prison transport vehicles, among other mobile vehicle projects. It is the promise of advancement in local communities and around the world that drives Aleph Group Inc. to continue in the pursuit of rigorous workmanship and customer service through mobile solutions. AGI’s specialty vehicles and mobile solutions have seen the world.

Aleph Group Inc. has designed and manufactured mobile units that have reached communities domestically and internationally. AGI teamed up with St. John’s Bread & Life located in Bronx, New York to build a unique mobile soup kitchen. This soup kitchen allows St. John’s to serve its community and achieve its goal to combat poverty and help people achieve self-sufficiency, in addition to educating the public and increasing awareness about meals to needy New Yorkers. AGI delivered a bloodmobile to the country of Bahrain that will bring awareness for the desperate need of blood donations. Aleph Group Inc. wanted to see King Hamad University Hospital to accomplish this goal, which allowed AGI to design and manufacture the most effective mobile solution possible with state of the art electronics along with four donation stations.

Aleph Group Inc. and the CEO Mr. Jales A. Mello felt a driven purpose in creating Feeding Angels foundation to help fight against Child Hunger in the United States and around the world. With the help of the Aleph Group Inc. and partners that team up, AGI will be able to make a difference in children's lives. When a company purchases a specialty vehicle from AGI, that company will not just be helping the community with their services but feeding a hungry child somewhere around the world. Aleph Group Inc.’s vision is to feed 25 children by summer 2015 around the world three meals a day for one year, then increase that goal as AGI build’s momentum to dramatically shift the nutrition and social outcomes of children with food insecurities.

“At Aleph Group Inc., we have experienced the power of human potential, and are committed to exploring the possibilities of growth with everyone who comes in contact with us.” - Aleph Group Inc.
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