Freebiumsultants Set to Introduce New Services Aimed at Helping Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

In conjunction with its recent soft launch in Mainland China, consulting giant plans to unveil new programs that allow clients to fully utilize its facilities and resources.

Shenzhen, China, August 28, 2014 --( Freebiumsultants Group Co., Limited, a consulting firm that provides free consultation services to startups, small and medium-sized companies, has announced that they have created and will be introducing several new reputation management and strategy development services for their clients in Mainland China. These soon to be unveiled services have been designed to be ideally suited for customers and partners located in Southern China and will help “improve productivity while being cost efficient.”

One of the services, named ‘PERF1O’ (a play on the idiom ‘perfect ten’ and is meant to stand for ‘Perfect 1 Office), for example, allows clients of Freebiumsultants from one location to seek additional resources and help from others.

“I have a contract with (Freebiumsultants) here in Shenzhen, but I also have many other businesses and offices in several cities in Guangdong Province,” remarked Mr Sammy Huang, who has been a loyal corporate customer of Freebiumsultants for over three years. “This new program will definitely save a lot of time because I do not have to wait for the consultants here (Shenzhen office) to travel to other cities to develop and manage my projects. Plus, I save money too because of less travelling expenses,” he chuckled.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Freebiumsultants, Rafael Zeng, who was on hand speaking to Shenzhen FTV reporters, declined to give a definitive date for the launch of the new products, but did assure clients that it was “coming very soon.” He further added that other than the impending new services, Freebiumsultants was also poised to organize several workshops and seminars focusing on subjects such as enterprise management, support, and training.
Freebiumsultants Group Co., Limited
Andie Lau