Reduce Waste and Save Time with Tidy Glove Dispensing

Detectamet’s new Stainless Steel Glove Dispensers can reduce waste and contamination in clothing distribution. Workers dress and prepare for their shift quicker and easier. Boxes are less likely to be damaged to spill and waste gloves on the floor.

York, United Kingdom, September 03, 2014 --( How long does it take for food workers to put on their protective clothing, footwear, headwear and gloves? Hundreds of staff preparing to start work or preparing for a busy shift change in the food industry will struggle if they cannot find their protection gear, or fumble and drop the boxes on the floor.

Waste and contamination are just two challenges for food processing management teams unless they establish storage and dispensing systems that are easy to find and firmly fixed for straight forward access.

Detectamet’s new Stainless Steel Glove Dispensers help them to successfully meet these challenges. Made in the UK from high quality stainless steel they are supplied in four sizes to hold a single box of 100 gloves or two, or three or four boxes loaded vertically. They can be screw mounted onto a wall where they will be easy to clean and sanitise.

Additional varieties include a single box dispenser that has a bar hook to hang from a pipe, bar or the top of a panel. Another option is a single horizontal box that is enclosed with a front oval extraction hole and a small side access to allow for replacement of an empty box.

Detectamet also provides an engraving service that can be used for telling staff the position in the dispensers of the glove sizes they need, or identifying departments and confirming access to the staff. It has also been requested by companies wishing to place their brand on the front of the units. Buyers have the option to specify 316 grade stainless steel.

“It must be frustrating for food factory managers to see dozens of staff milling around trying to find their protective clothing,” says Detectamet’s CEO Sean Smith. “It is even worse when they clear the area and expose loose dropped gloves, and ripped open boxes on the floor.”

A food company that is tidy and organised is a good sign of a producer of safe food. The new stainless steel glove dispensers from Detectamet are a big step forward to speed up staff preparation and reduce waste. For more information contact s.smith at
Sean Smith
0044 (0) 1759 304200
Derrick Blunden