CellarStone and CompensationMaster Team Up to Provide Sales Comp Plan Analysis, Optimization and Automation

CellarStone, Inc., a premier provider of sales performance management solutions, has formed a strategic relationship with CM Global Partners which is powered by CompensationMaster to offer businesses a 360 view of the impact of sales comp plans on the bottom line.

San Mateo, CA, September 03, 2014 --(PR.com)-- CellarStone Inc., a San Mateo, CA-based sales commission management solution, and Charlotte, NC based CM Global Partners, a leading Lean improvement compensation planning company announce a new Strategic Partnership.

Together CellarStone and CM Global Partners strategically provide the client with the ability to better understand the financial impact of sales commission plans on a company’s P&L and to determine if reps are being paid what was intended. Once plans are evaluated and adjustments implemented, CellarStone’s QCommission product will be available to automate the sales commission management process to ensure optimal earnings.

"Retaining key talent and motivating the sales force are challenging issues for many businesses," says President David J Cocks. "We offer an innovative and proven approach that allows companies to give people a say in how they would like to be compensated – to build greater trust and transparency into the process, align the goals of the sales force and management, and become more responsive to the market. The outcome is that management and the sales team both walk away winners and, in turn, so do the clients and customers."

Since inception in 1985, CM Global Partners powered by CompensationMaster devotedly helps companies increase productivity and profitability with targeted compensation planning. The company created a signature Lean sales compensation process delivering significant yields of 20% improvement to net sales revenue. In partnership with CellarStone, CM Global Partners will introduce clients to the value of the 6 Step Lean Improvement Project in the design of sales comp plans.

CellarStone’s QCommission solution is a powerful cloud enabled commission plan architecture that allows the definition of almost any kind of sales commission structure. The sales commission agreement can be unique by payee or shared across groups.
CellarStone CEO Gopi Mattel stated “Commission plans are based on either competitive factors or hand me down methodology. No one stops to look to see if the plans implemented are in the best interest of the company and the sales rep. We anticipate our clients and future clients will enjoy the benefits of this extensive review to ensure optimal business profitability and rep motivation and reward.” Mattel further commented, “All parties win in this analysis as sales reps will have a higher degree of success from selling products and solutions that have been determined to drive the most profitability to the business. No more guessing.”

CellarStone offers business solutions as the leading provider of software development and consulting services. Generally, as a partner the company provides strategic partners with a wide range of marketing support, extensive product training, and technical services. In agreement with CM Global Partners, clients will be introduced to the value of CellarStone’s premier flexible sales commission software QCommission. QCommission offers a variety of features that calculate compensation accurately while reducing errors efficiently.

About CellarStone Inc.
CellarStone is a premier solutions firm in the Sales Performance Management arena. CellarStone works with IT, Finance, Human Resources and Sales to manage and implement variable pay and sales commission systems. The CellarStone solutions have been successfully implemented for companies in many industries including, Retail, Banking, Staffing, Manufacturing, Consulting, Investment Management, Insurance, Mortgage and many others. For more information please visit www.QCommission.com, www.Qxchange.com, www.Easy-Commission.com, www.webKPI.com, www.CommTrack.biz and CellarStone.com.

About CM Global Partners powered by CompensationMaster
CM Global Partners strategic approach to developing and managing merit-based compensation systems has been proven over nearly three decades to accelerate revenue, motivate the sales force, and build long-term, sustainable financial stability into a business. Today, more than 60,000 sales representatives in a variety of industries around the world are working under compensation plans designed through the CompensationMaster system. More information is available at www.CompensationMaster.com.

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