Free Rentals for Families in Need

Auckland, New Zealand, October 17, 2014 --( amilies can now get car rental free of charge if they need to visit young family members in the hospital. Lucky Rentals, a NZ owned vehicle rental group, is helping out Kiwis when they want to visit sick relatives that aren’t close by.

Lucky Rentals have recently introduced cars to their existing line up of rental campervans, and are dedicating a handful from their fleet to help out. Cars for hire will be available free of charge to Kiwis who are visiting young family members in the hospital in Auckland or Christchurch.

Chris Whiteside, Lucky Rentals’ founder, says “It can be hard to visit family members who aren’t close by, especially when there are medical bills involved.”

“Hopefully this will make things a little easier when family have to leave their hometown to make visits,” Chris continued.

There will be 5 cars dedicated to the initiative at each Lucky Rentals depot, located in Auckland and Christchurch. The rental vehicles will be available from October and the program will run for approximately 3 months.

The car allocation won’t have a restrictive time limit as Chris is happy for them to be taken for however long is needed, within reason. Each vehicle rental fee will be waived, but fuel will be purchased at the users’ expense.

Lucky Rentals specialises in affordable campervan rentals across New Zealand and Australia, and now provide rental cars too. For more information, terms and conditions on the new initiative, you can visit them at

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