Mrhit Proves riteSCAN is Best for Barcodes

Mrhit has sold the 10th riteSCAN barcode system for Syspro in the UK.

Leicester, United Kingdom, October 28, 2014 --( Mrhit has proven by its 10 sale this month of riteSCAN that they understand the needs of the customer. RiteSCAN offers seamless integration to Syspro simplifying many of the processes using barcodes enabling the transactions to occur closer to where they actually happen.

Paul Hartshorn director at Mrhit says, "We partnered with riteSCAN the minute we saw its potential, this system is exactly what our customers needed and we have had great success in the UK selling it."

With more sites in the UK currently trialling the software Mrhit hopes to see the 11th sale happen very soon. Paul adds, "I do not see the demand from for this type of product reducing as more and more companies see the benefits, and with our expertise in this area we are sure we can prove it."

Mrhit offers a free no obligation trial of riteSCAN in the UK and so far all the customers who have completed a trial have purchased.
MR H IT Limited
Paul Hartshorn
0116 2773197